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Telestet Aids Greek Earthquake Victims

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Telestet Aids Greek Earthquake Victims

10 September 1999


Deppie Houliarakis, Stet Hellas


Athens, Greece -- Employees of Bell
Atlantic's Greek wireless service provider Telestet today took time
to express their sympathy and condolences to victims and to the
families of those lost in last week's tragic earthquake.

The company expressed thanks to the state government and
rescue teams for their prompt response and monumental efforts.

Wireless networks became capacity-strained in the aftermath of
powerful quakes and aftershocks, though Telestet's wireless
network remained intact. Wireless traffic levels rose 2,300% in
some areas just minutes after the quake hit on September 7 as
Greek residents abandoned homes and businesses and sought out
family and friends through wireless networks.

Telestet apologizes for any inconvenience to its customers and is
working 'round the clock to ensure continuous operation and peak
capacity. The company already has proposals before the
government to improve capacity during such national emergencies.

Representatives from Telestet are distributing more than 1,000 B-
free pre-paid handsets with free airtime, and have deployed two
mobile base stations in the areas of A.Liossia and Kamatero to
enhance coverage.

Telestet also provided government minister Mandelis with four
Iridium satellite phones and 25 B-free phones with free airtime for
use by rescue units.

During the next few days, Telestet will also hold a telethon to raise
money to aid earthquake victims.