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Texas Legislature Approves Progressive Telecommunications Measure

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In its second special session today, the Texas House passed a bill that updates regulation of telecommunications in the state and allows for a single statewide franchise provision for companies entering the cable television business. The bill, Senate Bill 5, was passed by the Texas Senate last night and awaits final approval by Texas Gov. Rick Perry. The following statement should be attributed to Verizon Southwest Region President Steve Banta.

"Texas consumers will soon have a true choice for video services, thanks to the work of the Texas Legislature. We commend Sen. Troy Fraser and Rep. Phil King and their colleagues in the Texas Senate and House of Representatives for approving legislation that will enable companies like Verizon to compete head-to-head with existing cable providers in the state.

"All Texans should be proud that our state is the first in the nation to open up the video market so that consumers can have a choice of video providers. Consumer choice and competition among video providers will result in new and innovative services and better pricing.

"We are excited about the opportunities we now have to offer FiOS TV services to customers we serve in Texas. FiOS TV, combined with the high-speed data service that has already received a tremendous response from our customers, creates a terrific value for consumers."

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