Three-Way Calling Now Available Per Call

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Three-Way Calling Now Available Per Call

Service Available Any Time to Many Bell Atlantic
Customers in Mid-Atlantic Region

October 14, 1998


Joan Rasmussen,

NEW YORK -- Coordinating plans for a family reunion, business meeting
or dinner with friends now is easier for Bell Atlantic customers in the mid-
Atlantic region.

Many consumers and small business customers can make a three-way call
any time they want by just picking up the phone. No subscription is

The new "per-use" Three-Way Calling feature is available to many Bell
Atlantic customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland,
Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. Bell Atlantic plans to
expand availability to more customers in 1999.

With Three-Way Calling, callers can talk to Joe and Jane at the same time
to make plans for the evening. They'll never have to say, "Wait by the
phone while I call her now. Then, I'll call you back."

"You can call your sister and then add your mother to the call so all three
of you can catch up on the family news," said Sue Topfer, Three-Way
Calling product developer, Bell Atlantic consumer marketing. "Not only is
this an easy way to get the family together, you can save time when you're
making plans for a wedding or birthday celebration."

Per-use Three-Way Calling also is a valuable time saver for small
businesses and people who work at home.

"Conference calls can be made whenever you need them without making
prior arrangements or using a conference call service," said Bruce
Betancourt, Three-Way Calling product manager, Bell Atlantic general
business. "Per-use Three-Way Calling is convenient and very affordable
for anyone who needs to use it."

Per-use Three-Way Calling is 75 cents per call in New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of
Columbia. Callers in Delaware pay 55 cents. Customers also pay the usual
charges for regional toll and long distance calls, as well as any local charges
that may apply.

Residential and business customers throughout Bell Atlantic's service area
also may subscribe to Three-Way Calling with unlimited usage at a flat
monthly rate. Prices vary by state.

How to Use Three-Way Calling on a Per-Use Basis

  • While you're on the phone with the first person, quickly press your
    phone's recall feature - either the switch hook, recall button or
    flash key, depending on your phone.

  • Listen for three short tones, then a dial tone. Then call the second

  • After the second person answers the phone, press the recall feature
    again. Now, all three of you can talk. And, if the second person
    doesn't answer, press the recall feature twice. This brings you back
    to the first person.

  • After you hang up on the three-way call, always wait three
    seconds before you dial again. This allows the telephone line to
    "reset" itself after each call.

Customers in the mid-Atlantic region who have questions about per-use
Three-Way Calling should call 1-800-870-0000.

Bell Atlantic is at the forefront of the new communications and information
industry. With more than 41 million telephone access lines and more than
seven million wireless customers worldwide, Bell Atlantic companies are
premier providers of advanced wireline voice and data services, market
leaders in wireless services and the world's largest publishers of directory
information. Bell Atlantic companies are also among the world's largest
investors in high-growth global communications markets, with operations
and investments in 23 countries.

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