Verizon Adds DSL to High-Value Service Bundle

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Customers with Verizon's Local, Regional and Long-Distance Plans Get Discount on Broadband Access or Dial-Up Internet, With All Services on One Bill

NEW YORK - Verizon customers in seven Northeastern states are the first in the nation with the option to get Verizon Online DSL (digital subscriber line) high speed Internet access at a $15 monthly discount for as long as they purchase a new package of telecommunications services from Verizon.

"Verizon is committed to creating packages of high-value, premium-quality services at a great price that reward customers for using us," said Jill Wagner, vice president of marketing for Verizon's retail markets group.

"We call these bundles 'VeriationsSM' because they let our customers buy the combination of products that meet their particular needs, and additional discounts on popular services like Internet access are an extra reward that makes choosing Verizon a really smart move," said Wagner. "Consumers want the convenience of a single supplier and a single bill for all their communications services, and the Veriations packages will do just that."

The new Veriations Internet packages are available now in Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The "Veriations with DSL" package provides a discount of $15 off the normal $49.95 price for Verizon Online DSL high-speed Internet access at connection speeds up to 768 kilobits per second (downstream) and 128 kilobits per second (upstream) for as long as customers purchase their long-distance calling and regional toll service and the Local Package offer for at least one line in their home. The qualifying Local Package offers include local calling and up to 14 call management services like Caller ID and Call Waiting. In New York City, on Long Island and in Westchester County, customers can get Home Voice Mail in the package and also can purchase a package with unlimited local calling. All services must be billed to one account. Charges will appear on one bill.

Verizon also is offering a discount on dial-up Internet access. The "Veriations with Dial-Up Internet" package offers a $2.95 monthly discount off Verizon Online Dial-Up Internet access for as long as the customer maintains the same local, regional toll and long-distance services with Verizon. The regular price of for the service is $19.95 or $22.95, depending on the hours of access purchased. Dial-up users should make sure that their dial-in number is a local call (toll charges are not included in the price), and DSL speeds are not guaranteed and will vary based on a number of factors, including the user's distance from Verizon's central office, quality of the wiring inside their location and the speed of websites contacted on the Internet, among others.

"This package combination of local, long-distance and Internet access will be rolled out to more states in the next several months, and we also will develop additional valuable bundles that allow customers to virtually customize their telecommunications and save money at the same time," said Wagner.

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