Verizon Adds Oregon Area Codes to Its New VoiceWing Broadband Phone Service

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BEAVERTON, Ore. - Verizon has added its first Oregon Area Codes - 503 and 971 - for use by subscribers of the company's new, national Internet-based phone service, VoiceWing.

Broadband users in Oregon can save money on phone calls with VoiceWing, which provides unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling over both DSL and cable modem connections for as low as $29.95 a month. VoiceWing subscribers also can manage their calls from any computer with Internet access - regardless of where it is located -- by using a variety of Web-based, advanced call-management features.

"People in Oregon want to take advantage of new broadband technologies, and they're looking for great value," said Michelle Swittenberg, executive director of consumer VoIP services at Verizon. "VoiceWing gives you both. It's the latest way to use your high-speed Internet connection to help you communicate how, when and where you want, while saving money at the same time."

Because VoiceWing is provided over the Internet, customers can choose a phone number from an extensive list of more than 167 area codes from 37 states and the District of Columbia.

VoiceWing Pricing, Availability and Features

VoiceWing provides customers not only traditional services such as voice mail, caller ID and call waiting, but also advanced features that give them unprecedented control of their communications by accessing a special Web page called the Personal Account Manager. The features include:

  • Call Logs - Itemize all calling activity for three billing periods, including incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Call Logs list the caller name, telephone number (if available), date, time-of-day, location and duration of every call. Users can easily transfer contact information directly into their VoiceWing Personal Address Book.

  • Voice Mail - Allows customers to view and play their messages by clicking on the "new voice mail messages" link on the home page. Messages can be stored for up to 14 days. Customers can choose to receive e-mail notification of new voice mail messages. Beginning Nov. 29, customers also will be able to forward audio voice mail messages to others via e-mail.

  • Click-to-Dial - Automatically dials any telephone number, including numbers saved in the Call Logs or Address Book. By clicking on a "hyperlink" phone number, VoiceWing will dial the number. When dialing is complete, the customer's VoiceWing phone will ring, indicating the user should pick up the handset.

  • Back-up Phone Number - Customers can set up and save a contact phone number, such as a cell phone or work phone, where calls will be automatically forwarded in the event of a power outage or if their broadband connection fails.

  • Simultaneous Ring - Customers can designate up to three phone numbers where they'd like calls to ring in addition to their VoiceWing phone number. The first phone answered will be connected to the call.

  • Do Not Disturb - Sends all calls straight to voice mail, but allows important calls to go through. Customers can designate up to 20 such phone numbers.

  • Enhanced Call Forwarding - Directs calls to another telephone number anytime. By saving Call Forwarding settings on a customer's Personal Account Manager, VoiceWing calls can quickly be re-directed to another number.

  • Feature Scheduling - Allows users to schedule Call Forwarding or a Call Back in advance for a specific date and time of day.

  • Synchronized Address Book - Stores information about a user's most frequent contacts directly on the Personal Account Manager. The Click to Dial feature can then be used with the Address Book, synchronizing it with a variety of other PC and PDA address books. This eliminates the hassle of creating and maintaining multiple address books.

  • Alternate Telephone Number - Customers can make every call they get from out-of-town family and friends a local call by choosing an Alternate Telephone Number in their family and friends' area code. This number is routed directly to the customer's primary VoiceWing number. There is a monthly charge for Alternate Telephone Numbers.

VoiceWing is available to customers anywhere in the United States and can be purchased at or by calling 1-800-270-5369. Verizon Online DSL subscribers who subscribe to VoiceWing by Dec. 31 get their first year of service for just $29.95 a month. In addition, qualified VoiceWing customers can purchase Verizon Online DSL service with a maximum connection speed of 1.5 megabits-per-second for $29.95 a month. Subscribers to broadband services offered by other companies pay $34.95 a month for VoiceWing.

Verizon provides VoiceWing subscribers with an adapter that allows them to use their own telephone with their DSL or cable modem connection and a router to make VoiceWing calls. The company offers new VoiceWing subscribers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

VoiceWing is provided through the Verizon Long Distance subsidiary of Verizon Communications.

Verizon Communications Inc.

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) is one of the world's leading providers of communications services. With a diverse work force of approximately 208,000, Verizon has four business units: Domestic Telecom serves customers based in 29 states with wireline telecommunications services, including broadband, nationwide long-distance and other services. Verizon Wireless owns and operates the nation's most reliable wireless network, serving 42.1 million voice and data customers across the United States. Information Services operates directory publishing businesses and provides electronic commerce services. International includes wireline and wireless operations and investments, primarily in the Americas and Europe. For more information, visit


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