Verizon Adds Weather Radar Imagery and Expanded Customized Forecasts With New WeatherBug Widget for FiOS TV

FiOS TV customers now can quickly access real-time, personalized weather information - and forecasts for days to come - while they watch TV, with Verizon's new interactive WeatherBug Widget.

Subscribers can use the new widget, which is launching this week, to customize weather reports by any ZIP code, and pull up hourly or seven-day forecasts and radar weather imagery to see how local conditions are developing.   They also can create a favorites list of up to 10 frequently checked ZIP codes for additional convenience in accessing local weather information from around the country.   The reports and information appear on-screen without interfering with the television show that a subscriber is watching.

"Whether you're traveling, getting the kids ready for school, or attending an outdoor event, you can use the WeatherBug Widget to easily plan ahead without having to wait for a broadcast weather report or go online to a weather site," said Shawn Strickland, vice president, marketing, Verizon Telecom.  "We're again taking FiOS TV customers where cable can't, with one-touch access to real-time information that makes life easier and TV more interactive."

In addition to forecasts and radar imagery, the WeatherBug Widget also provides localized information about high and low temperatures, chance of precipitation and level of humidity for the day or week.

The WeatherBug Widget is a free service located in FiOS TV's Widget Bazaar applications marketplace.  All FiOS TV subscribers have full access to the widget's forecasts. FiOS TV customers who also subscribe to FiOS Internet service can access the on-screen radar imagery. The application is displayed on the right side of the screen or can be viewed in full-screen mode.

For screenshots and a full description of Verizon's new WeatherBug Widget, visit http://verizon.mediaseed.tv/Story.aspx?story=37043.

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WeatherBug (http://www.WeatherBug.com and http://www.WeatherBugprofessional.com) observes, organizes and distributes the most precise global weather intelligence. As a trusted source of dynamic weather information, WeatherBug empowers society to make more informed weather-related decisions. Millions of consumers and professional organizations, including the National Weather Service, rely on WeatherBug to plan daily activities, safeguard lives and improve business operations. WeatherBug is a brand of AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc. (http://www.aws.com).