Verizon Brings Blazing-Fast Computer Connections To Growing Number of Montgomery County Customers

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WHEATON, Md. - Verizon customers in several more Montgomery County communities now can experience super high-speed Internet access as the company begins to offer its Verizon FiOSsm (FYE'-ose) Internet Service to homes here.

Verizon is rolling out the industry's premier consumer broadband services to many Montgomery County customers, giving them access to three tiers of service with downstream (download) speeds of up to 5, 15 and 30 Mbps (megabits per second).*

While FiOS Internet Service is not immediately available to all customers in all locations, the service is now available to many Verizon residential customers in the 240 area code with prefixes 292 and 694; and in the 301 area code with prefixes 214, 227, 229, 236, 260, 263, 295, 299, 319, 320, 365, 380, 384, 388, 421, 469, 476, 493, 530, 564, 570, 571, 581, 592, 593, 622, 625, 649, 680, 681, 754, 765, 767, 774, 803, 879, 896, 897, 905, 924, 929, 933, 940, 942, 946, 949, 962, 983, 989.

FiOS is available either as part of a bundle of local and long-distance calling services from Verizon, or as a stand-alone Internet access service.

"The expansion of Verizon's high-speed Internet service is welcome in Montgomery County, and I am pleased that it gives our residents more choices regarding the level of service that they want or need," said Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan. "The expansion of this high-speed service will help us keep pace with the growing technology of the 21st century, and it supports the quality of life that we have come to expect and deserve."

Customers who want to determine whether they can order FiOS Internet Service can call 888-GET FIOS (888-438-3467) or visit Verizon's FiOS Web site at

Verizon is delivering FiOS over the company's new fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network, which is being built in half of the states where the company provides landline communications services. The company will announce FiOS Internet Service in other areas as they become available.

To date, Verizon has deployed over 5 million feet of fiber-optic cable - 3 million in Montgomery County alone - as part of the FTTP project. The company will deploy millions more feet of fiber this year.

FTTP technology utilizes fiber-optic connections - instead of copper wire - directly into homes to enable a broad array of voice, data and video applications. In addition to its current FiOS Internet access service, Verizon plans to launch FiOS TV in 2005 to compete directly with cable TV providers. FiOS TV will be available in markets where Verizon has negotiated cable franchise agreements with local authorities.

"FiOS is setting the new standard for consumer broadband services in America," said William R. Roberts, president of Verizon Maryland. "Our customers who already subscribe to FiOS service are astounded at what they now can do with their online experience. Video chats and conferencing, purchased digital movie downloads and interactive multi-player games have become a part of their daily lives."

Customer reaction to Verizon's new fiber-based Internet access service has been very positive, with broadband subscribers already more than doubling in the company's inaugural FiOS market of Keller, Texas, just outside Dallas/Fort Worth.

Roberts noted that Verizon is using the most advanced technology to deliver downstream and upstream speeds that will give customers truly interactive, two-way broadband capabilities.

"The Internet is an increasingly interactive place where quickly sending information is just as important as quickly receiving it," Roberts said. "From uploading multi-megabyte e-mails with photo attachments, to interacting with the office from home, FiOS gives customers unprecedented speed, efficiency and productivity at very competitive prices."

    There are three tiers of Verizon FiOS Internet Service for consumers:

  • Up to 5 Mbps downstream and 2 Mbps upstream. Suited for Internet surfing and basic computer functions. $34.95 a month as part of a calling package, or $39.95 a month stand-alone.

  • Up to 15 Mbps downstream and 2 Mbps upstream. Appealing to families who have multiple computers and various needs such as media downloads and the ability to access or share large files. $44.95 a month as part of a calling package, or $49.95 a month stand-alone.

  • Up to 30 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream. Designed for communications-intensive power users with significant bandwidth needs, such as telecommuters or work-at-home households and avid online gamers. $179.95 a month as part of a calling package, or $199.95 a month stand-alone.

"In addition to an outstanding array of high-speed access options, we will provide our customers with a first-class installation experience, in which a Verizon technician visits the home, sets up the connection and configures the service," said Roberts.

Each consumer data offer includes the suite of services currently available to Verizon Online DSL customers at no additional charge, including: MSN Premium content; Verizon's Broadband Beat entertainment portal optimized for high-speed access featuring news, games, streaming video and more; up to nine e-mail accounts with 30 megabytes (MB) of storage for the primary account and an additional 10 MB for each sub-account; address book and calendar; 10 MB personal Web space and a Web site building tool; and access to newsgroups.

* NOTE: Actual (throughput) speeds will vary.

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