Verizon Business Continues to Promote Open Standards for Retailers by Joining Leading Global Standards Organization GS1

As part of its push for open, interoperable IT standards throughout the retail industry, Verizon Business has joined GS1, a standards organization dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions.

"Verizon believes that an open-standards approach is the best answer for one of the biggest IT challenge plaguing retailers: lack of interoperability between legacy applications and systems," said Ravi Bagal, vice president and global managing director - retail, Verizon Business.  "Our involvement with GS1, GS1 US and other leading standards organizations demonstrates our commitment to providing an open IT environment for retailers that ultimately enables them to better serve their customers."

Supply Chain Improvement Through the Use of Global Standards

GS1 has been developing standards to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply chains for more than 30 years.  Its standards can be found in multiple industries around the globe, including retail, health care and transportation.  The most recognizable examples of GS1 standards in action are the UPC (Universal Product Code) and EAN (European Article Number) barcodes, which facilitate billions of transactions globally every day, speeding commerce and reducing costs.

"At GS1, we promote standards that allow businesses to more easily collaborate and deliver better services to their customers," said Patrick Vanlombeek, chief marketing officer, GS1.  "Research has shown that a standards-based approach provides vendors with the guidance they need to develop solutions that meet customer demand.  That's why it is important that industry leaders like Verizon, which touch a large number of businesses and consumers each day, embrace and advocate the need for standards."

As a member of GS1, Verizon Business will work to incorporate the group's standards into its own solutions.  Verizon will also help GS1 support new technologies. 

Verizon Retail

Verizon Retail is an IT consulting practice group focused on helping retailers simplify their IT infrastructure, better control costs, and protect their data and reputation with the ultimate goal of better serving customers.  Through Verizon's Framework for Retail, the company brings a unique, standards-based approach to retailers.  The framework leverages Verizon's networking, managed IT and application solutions, specifically drawing upon Verizon's cloud computing and security offerings.  More information is available at http://www.verizonbusiness.com/solutions/retail

About Verizon Business
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