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Verizon Certifies Independent Labs to Evaluate New Central Office Equipment

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NEW YORK -- In a move aimed at enhancing network performance and reliability, Verizon has certified eight independent laboratories to test vendors' equipment for use in its telecommunications network.

Under the new program, Verizon will accept Network Equipment Building System, or NEBS, testing reports only from the eight certified labs. These independent testing labs will use the industry's NEBS standards to test new central office equipment for Verizon.

Testing is designed to determine if a vendor's central office equipment meets the NEBS environmental, electrical, and safety standards before it is purchased and deployed in Verizon's network. To ensure that equipment meets the telecommunications industry's strict NEBS standards, Verizon has audited the eight certified laboratories for their NEBS testing capabilities. The laboratories have been certified by Verizon to validate vendors' products against the NEBS standards established by and used throughout the telecommunications industry.

"Our primary goals are to expedite product-to-market cycles for Verizon's telecommunications equipment manufacturers, create more economical compliance testing processes for them and ensure accuracy of test reports," said Chuck Graff, director of NEBS compliance for Verizon Labs, the unit in the Verizon Technology organization with responsibility for evaluating new technologies in a laboratory environment. "Verizon's NEBS Testing Certification Program continues our commitment to delivering quality products and services to our customers. We also expect that the program will help manufacturers complete the design and testing cycle faster and at a lower cost."

The eight laboratories selected and certified by Verizon are:

  • Curtis-Straus LLC, Littleton, Mass.
  • Intertek Testing Services, Lexington, Ky.
  • Met Laboratories, Inc., Baltimore, Md.
  • National Technical Systems, Acton, Mass.
  • Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas
  • Telcordia Technologies, Inc., Chester, N.J.
  • Underwriters Laboratories, Northbrook, Ill.
  • Wyle Laboratories, Huntsville, Ala.

Additional testing laboratories that wish to become certified under the Verizon program should contact Chuck Graff, Arlington, Va., through the Verizon Labs Web site:

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