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Verizon Delaware Customers See Reductions in Some Basic Phone Rates

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DOVER, Del. -- Most Verizon residential and business customers in Delaware are seeing lower rates on their phone bills this month.

The Delaware Public Service Commission has approved annual reductions in consumer Touch-Tone and business dial-tone line rates and carrier access charges totaling $772,000. The lower rates are effective July 1.

With this reduction, Verizon's customers have saved more than $15 million on their local phone bills since 1995 as a result of Delaware's incentive regulation plan.

"Allowing market forces to determine telecommunications pricing has paid dividends for all Delawareans," said Joshua W. Martin III, president of Verizon Delaware. "Because we are operating our business more efficiently, Verizon has been able to keep basic rates stable and even reduce some rates for basic services. We also are continuing to provide our customers with very high quality service while we are investing in an advanced, statewide telecommunication network. Delawareans will continue to benefit provided Verizon can offer services in the same way as its competitors in the telecommunications marketplace."

The 2002 Verizon rate reductions include:

  • Reduction of 59 cents on business dial-tone line rates from $21.68 to $21.09.

  • Reduction of three cents in residential Touch-Tone rate from $0.25 to $0.22.

  • Reduction of access charges paid by long-distance companies to connect to the Verizon Delaware network.

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