Verizon Introduces Residential Service with Unlimited Direct-Dialed Local, Regional and Domestic Long-Distance Calling

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NEW YORK - Verizon is adding to its Veriations packages a bold new offer that delivers the ultimate in simplicity. In selected states, the company will offer untimed, unlimited direct-dialed local and long-distance calling plus call-management features for a low monthly price. The Veriations Freedom package will be available tomorrow in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and in four more states in February.

The Veriations Freedom package covers every kind of direct-dialed domestic call a person can make -- local, regional and long-distance calling - including calls to Canada and U.S. territories. At no extra charge, customers can add any of the five most popular call-management features: Home Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling and Speed Dialing of eight numbers. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the Veriations Freedom package will cost $54.95.

Prices will vary in states where the Veriations Freedom package is introduced based on the prices of the call-management features in those states.

"As Verizon has become the third largest nationwide provider of long-distance service, and as we've introduced the most dynamic package offers in the industry, we've promised to give customers the services they want, packaged the way they want them, and to keep things simple," said Maura Breen, chief marketing officer for Verizon. "Our customers want flat-rated, comprehensive packages, and the Veriations Freedom package is the answer."

In February, the Veriations Freedom package will be offered to residential customers in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia and Florida, with plans for introductions in other states pending.

"With the Veriations Freedom package, Verizon is meeting and beating the competition's plans, and we are delivering the product through the stable, reliable, and familiar company our customers trust," Breen said. "We broke new ground last year with packages that include Internet access and wireless service, at great discounts, and now we're rounding out our Veriations offers by giving our customers total calling freedom."

"Customers love bundled services, but hate watching the clock," said Jeff Kagan, telecommunications industry analyst, about the Veriations Freedom package. "The future is not just about the simplicity of bundles, but also about buckets of minutes and unlimited minutes for a flat fee. Verizon is tapping into one of the most important trends in the industry today. It is a very competitive offering and will keep Verizon on the cutting edge."

The unlimited long-distance calling allowance includes direct-dialed calls to anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific. The Veriations Freedom package may be combined with certain Verizon international calling plans.

The new package will simplify customer bills: A single line item will cover all relevant package charges and call detail will not be provided, except as an option where required by state regulations.

The Veriations Freedom plan can be expanded to add DSL (digital subscriber line) or dial-up Internet access and/or wireless services at a discount, in areas where those packages are available. The new calling package will boost sales of Verizon's innovative Veriations All package that includes discounted high-speed Internet access and service from Verizon Wireless. The Veriations All package was the first of its kind to provide discounted service in all major categories (local, regional and long-distance calling, Internet access and wireless service) from Verizon affiliated companies on a single bill.

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