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Verizon Laboratories Designates Polytechnic University A 'Center of Excellence' for 2001

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NEW YORK - Verizon Communications today designated a telecommunications program at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn as a "Center of Excellence" for 2001 in signaling and network management technologies.

The designation, which was given to the Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications (CATT), is the first awarded by Verizon Laboratories to an outside organization.

Verizon Laboratories, with locations in the Boston, Washington, D.C., and New York City areas, is an organization of more than 400 advanced-technology experts who ensure that Verizon's nationwide network incorporates the latest technologies, while exceeding the demanding quality and reliability standards of Verizon. A "Center of Excellence" designation means that CATT has met Verizon's rigorous quality and technical standards, and it establishes a more formal collaborative process between the two organizations.

The center, which is supported by the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research (NYSTAR), has a long-standing partnership with Verizon and its predecessor companies -- Bell Atlantic and GTE.

Most recently, professors, students and researchers from the center have worked with Verizon Laboratories to develop a highly advanced automated network testing tool that is substantially more effective than commercial systems available today.

Jim Sylvester, vice president of Systems Integration and Testing at Verizon Laboratories, said, "Today's recognition caps many years of effort that produced new testing algorithms for signaling protocols and network management technologies. Our partnership also has developed critical skills for the Polytechnic research staff and, more importantly, for Verizon's own technology organization."

By automating the testing of signaling transfer points, the process developed by CATT and Verizon further improves the reliability of advanced intelligent network services such as Caller ID, 800-calling and credit-card verification.

Polytechnic President David C. Chang said, "This designation recognizes our center's commitment to excellence in telecommunications research and the role it plays in partnership with private industry to bring new technologies to market."

Polytechnic University

Polytechnic University, founded in 1854, is the nation's second oldest private science and engineering school and the metropolitan area's preeminent resource in science and technology. It serves the metropolitan area's high-tech economy with undergraduate and graduate programs in Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island and Manhattan.

Verizon Communications

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