Verizon Makes Internet-Based Calling Even More Affordable With a New Price for VoiceWing Broadband Phone Service

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NEW YORK - Verizon VoiceWing Broadband Phone Service is now more affordable than ever with a new monthly rate for unlimited local and long-distance calls to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories. Previously priced at $29.95 a month for Verizon broadband customers and $34.95 a month for other broadband users, the VoiceWing Unlimited Plan now is available for just $24.95, plus taxes and surcharges, to all qualified new and existing VoiceWing customers -- no matter what broadband connection they use.

Verizon also offers a VoiceWing 500 Plan that provides 500 minutes of outbound local and domestic long-distance calling for just $19.95 a month, plus taxes and surcharges.

The new $24.95 rate will be put into effect automatically for all customers who currently have the VoiceWing Unlimited Plan.

"VoiceWing is ideal for people who want to use their broadband connection to help them save money on calling while also enjoying an array of advanced call-management features," said John Broten, executive director - voice-over-IP services for Verizon.

VoiceWing customers use a small telephone adapter provided by Verizon to quickly and easily connect their own telephones to their home high-speed Internet connections. The adapter allows the VoiceWing customer to send and receive calls over the Internet instead of using a standard phone line. The service works with both DSL and cable modem broadband connections and with Verizon's new FiOS fiber-optics-based broadband service.

VoiceWing is offered in parts of 37 states, and subscribers can either apply to keep their own current phone number or choose a new number from over 100 area codes -- regardless of where they live. Subscribers can also purchase up to five additional telephone numbers for incoming calls and choose an area code for each number.

All VoiceWing calling plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee; calls to Canada, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories; and low per-minute international calling rates, including as low as 3 cents per minute to the United Kingdom, 12 cents per minute to parts of India and 6 cents per minute to Mexico.

Roster of Advanced Features

VoiceWing plans include the same extensive roster of advanced calling features. These features can be conveniently controlled with the click of a mouse through an online personal account manager that is accessible from any Internet-enabled computer. Advanced calling features include:

  • Incoming Call Block: Allows customers to block up to 20 telephone numbers and send the calls directly to voice mail.

  • Anonymous Call Rejection: Allows customers to refuse calls from parties who have blocked or restricted their Caller ID information and to send these calls directly to voice mail.

  • Call Logs with Click to Dial: A list of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls, including name, telephone number, date, time of day, physical location and duration of the call. Customers can click on calls to have VoiceWing dial them, or to easily add the information to their address book.

  • Visual Voice Mail: Customers can see their voice mails online, listen by clicking on them and click a Forward button to send the audio message to others by e-mail.

  • Enhanced Call Forwarding: Schedule call forwarding ahead of time for a specific date and time of day, or as a recurring event. Customers can quickly redirect calls to another phone directly from their personal account manager. E-mail alerts will remind customers of when a scheduled call-forward is about to take place.

  • Scheduled Callbacks: Schedule important calls in advance online. Customers' phones will ring at the appointed time, and they will then be connected to the call.

  • Synchronized Personal Address Book: Verizon eliminates the hassle of creating and maintaining multiple address books by synchronizing customers' VoiceWing address books with a variety of other PC and PDA address books.

  • Do Not Disturb: Sends all calls straight to voice mail while letting customers designate up to 20 phone numbers to get through.

  • Simultaneous Ring: Customers can designate up to three phone numbers where they'd like calls to ring in addition to their VoiceWing phone number. The first phone answered will be connected to the call.

  • Backup Number: Customers can designate another phone, such as their cell phone or office phone, where their VoiceWing calls can be automatically routed in case of a power failure or broadband outage.

  • Permanent Caller ID Block: Gives VoiceWing customers total control over who sees their Caller ID information whenever they make an outbound call. By simply setting up Caller ID Block online, all calls are anonymous until the VoiceWing customer disables the feature.

To learn more about VoiceWing calling features or to order service, customers can visit

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ), a Dow 30 company, is a leader in delivering broadband and other communication innovations to wireline and wireless customers. Verizon operates America's most reliable wireless network, serving 53 million customers nationwide; one of the most expansive wholly-owned global IP networks; and one of the nation's premier wireline networks, serving mass market and wholesale customers. Based in New York, Verizon has a diverse workforce of more than 250,000 and generates annual consolidated operating revenues of approximately $90 billion. For more information, visit


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