Verizon Online Expands Broadband Access in Dauphin County, Pa.

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - Consumers and businesses can enjoy the benefits of high-speed Internet access now that Verizon Online has expanded its availability in this area.

As the result of the company's most recent expansion and upgrade of its local telecommunications network, Verizon Online DSL is now available on more than 1,100 additional lines in Dauphin County.

Verizon has invested $8.5 billion in its network over the last 10 years and will continue to invest aggressively under recently enacted state telecom legislation. The new law requires companies such as Verizon to deploy broadband service across their service areas - the most comprehensive broadband deployment requirement in the nation. Under this legislation, Verizon also must make broadband available to all students throughout the company's Pennsylvania service area.

MSN® Premium Internet software is included in Verizon's consumer DSL service at no additional charge - a $9.95 monthly value. It includes free online safety and security features, such as pop-up guard, firewall, virus protection and advanced spam filters.

Currently, Verizon Online is offering its basic consumer DSL service for $29.95 per month in an annual service plan or when purchased in combination with Verizon Freedom or another Verizon local or long-distance bundle. This service offers a maximum connection speed of 1.5 Mbps (megabits per second) downstream and 384 Kbps (kilobits per second) upstream.

Verizon Online has also enhanced its DSL service by introducing a super-fast maximum Internet connection speed of 3 Mbps downstream and 768 Kbps upstream for as low as $39.95 per month in an annual service plan or when purchased as part of a package of calling services. Consumer DSL customers who subscribe to an annual DSL plan from Verizon Online also receive a combination modem and "home gateway router" with the service.

In addition to the consumer services, Verizon's business customers can choose from a variety of DSL speeds and services tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

"If you've wanted DSL service from us in the past, but it wasn't in your neighborhood, now's the time to check with us on current availability," said James V. O'Rourke, president and CEO of Verizon Pennsylvania.

DSL subscribers can have news in an instant, share digital photos, quickly send e-mail attachments, download movies and play interactive multi-media games in real time. DSL-powered businesses can increase productivity by spending less time doing research, paying bills online and e-mailing orders to suppliers.

Not only is Verizon DSL available to more people than ever before, but Verizon can help customers make the most of high-speed access to the Internet or other broadband services. With a home network, customers can have additional security and connect several computers to one DSL connection to access the Internet at high speeds. A home network also lets subscribers share files and printers among several computers.

Verizon DSL, bundled with customizable calling plans and digital entertainment from DIRECTV, represents one of the best values in home communications today, compared with competing cable company offers. Adding satellite entertainment service from DIRECTV to a bundle that includes a Verizon Freedom calling plan and Verizon Online DSL can generate total savings of up to $396 per year.

To order Verizon Online DSL or check to see whether it is available to a specific home, local telephone customers can check online at or call Verizon at 1-800-PICK-DSL (7425-375). Business customers can call 888-649-9500.

With more than $71 billion in annual revenues, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) is one of the world's leading providers of communications services. Verizon has a diverse work force of more than 210,000 in four business units: Domestic Telecom serves customers based in 29 states with wireline telecommunications services, including broadband and other services. Verizon Wireless owns and operates the nation's most reliable wireless network, serving 43.8 million voice and data customers across the United States. Information Services operates directory publishing businesses and provides electronic commerce services. International includes wireline and wireless operations and investments, primarily in the Americas and Europe. For more information, visit


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