Verizon Online Introduces High-Speed Internet Access In Watertown, New York

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WATERTOWN, N.Y. - Verizon is raising the online speed limit in Watertown with the availability of its super-fast digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet access service for residential customers and businesses.

Verizon customers can take advantage of a $15 discount off the $49.95 monthly price of the entry-level DSL service when they purchase a new service package called Veriations with DSL. The DSL package also includes Verizon long-distance and regional-toll calling along with a Local Package offer for at least one phone line in their home.

Local Verizon telephone customers can check DSL availability on their individual lines before ordering by going to or by calling Verizon at 1-877-483-6006.

The debut of DSL in Watertown is another step in an ongoing effort by Verizon to provide area businesses, institutions and residents with high-speed data and Internet connections. Recently, Verizon has deployed hundreds of miles of fiber-optic cable in the region and installed an ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) switch, a high-speed data transmission system serving primarily business and institutional customers, at its Watertown computerized network center. When combined with DSL, area residents now have access to state-of-the-art telecommunications services. The new systems also provide both residential and business customers with a variety of choices in connection speeds and prices.

Verizon's high-speed services already are enhancing distance learning and telemedicine projects in the region.

"DSL provides the speeds necessary to take full advantage of the Internet, from small business applications and online shopping to downloading educational programs and video clips and telecommuting," said Tom Owens, community relations director for Verizon. "The demand for Verizon Online DSL service has been tremendous. We're pleased to offer this service to customers in Watertown so they can enjoy the benefits of turbo-charged Internet access."

Verizon Online Offers Choice of DSL Speeds

Verizon Online offers consumers three DSL plans with increasing speeds and bandwidth. The entry-level package is Verizon Online's most popular package and provides maximum downstream connection speeds of up to 768Kbps (kilobits per second) and 128Kbps upstream. Consumers who send and receive large attachments, telecommute or maintain a personal Web site can get additional bandwidth and speed by choosing the 1.5 Mbps downstream and 128Kbps upstream plan for $59.95.

Verizon's premium DSL package offers a lightning-fast 1.5Mbps maximum downstream connection speed and 384Kbps upstream.

Choice of Pricing Plans

    Verizon Online offers three pricing plans for its entry-level residential DSL service:

  • With the purchase of the Veriations with DSL package, DSL service is $29.95 for the first three months and $34.95 after that.
  • With the "More of It" promotion, the first three months of DSL service are $29.95. After three months, DSL is $49.95. Customers who order DSL online before Sept. 30 also get the first month free.
  • When customers purchase a DSL modem at the nearest Best Buy store, they pay $39.95 a month. The modem is $100 after the manufacturer's rebate.

All Verizon Online DSL consumer packages include a free do-it-yourself DSL modem kit, 10 megabytes of Web storage, 10 megabytes of e-mail storage and four e-mail boxes. Customers can choose to be billed for the service via their monthly telephone bill or on a credit card. There is no annual commitment and the service comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Residential customers with more than one computer can also buy a home networking gateway to connect their computers. The gateway enables computers to share one DSL connection anywhere in the house and provides a built-in firewall for added security.

Verizon Online DSL for Business Customers

Verizon Online offers a complete portfolio of DSL products and services to meet the broadband needs of small and medium-size businesses. There are seven packages ranging from a maximum connection speed of 768Kbps downstream and 128Kbps upstream up to 7.1Mbps downstream and 768Kbps upstream. Prices range from $49.95 to $204.95 a month.

Business packages include the high-speed connection, six domain name e-mailboxes, domain name registration or transfer and DNS (Domain Name System). Verizon Online offers routers that allow small and medium-size businesses to connect multiple users to a single DSL line.

Technical Definitions

DSL service generally is available to homes and offices located within approximately three miles of Verizon's local switching center or "central office." Some technical limitations may block DSL from individual telephone lines, even when located within the three-mile radius of a DSL-equipped central office.

All the downstream and upstream speeds describing Verizon Online's DSL services are maximum connection speeds between the customer's computer and Verizon's DSL equipment. Actual connection speeds will vary from the maximum speeds and often will be lower. Throughput or download speeds will be lower than connection speed and vary based on telephone line condition and distance from Verizon's central office, PC configuration, home or office wiring and the server or router speed of sites connected to the Internet, among other factors.

Verizon Online is a full-service Internet service provider, offering a complete suite of dial-up, DSL and dedicated Internet access services for residential consumers and small and medium-size businesses. Dial-up and dedicated Internet access from Verizon Online is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. DSL Internet access services are available in 28 states and the District. Verizon Online also offers businesses a robust portfolio of Web hosting and business e-mail services across the country.

Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ) is one of the world's leading providers of communications services. Verizon companies are the largest providers of wireline and wireless communications in the United States, with 135.1 million access line equivalents and 30.3 million Verizon Wireless customers. Verizon is also the largest directory publisher in the world. With more than $67 billion in annual revenues and approximately 241,000 employees, Verizon's global presence extends to more than 40 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. For more information on Verizon, visit


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