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Verizon Opens London Office to Market New Global Network Services to European Wholesale Customers

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LONDON - Verizon Global Solutions Inc. has opened an office here to enable the company to market Verizon's new global network to wholesale customers in Europe. Establishment of the office is part of Verizon's overall strategy to become a leading global telecommunications provider over the next several years.

"This office will be a critical component of Verizon Global Solutions' face in Europe," said Phil Day, who will manage the new facility. Day is executive director-carrier sales for Global Solutions, the Verizon business unit responsible for assembling and managing the global network.

"The London office also is an integral part of our plans to expand our presence to other key locations around the world. As our business and revenues in Europe grow, we will open additional offices in other European locations," he said.

"We chose London because it is a leading telecom center of Europe as well as a major center of international commerce. Many of the companies we are doing business with have offices here."

The office will market wholesale services on the global network to European carriers, Internet service providers and applications service providers, and also provide support to Verizon's Enterprise Solutions Group, which is marketing global services to large multi-national business customers.

In the wholesale market, Verizon will offer a full suite of global voice, data and Internet protocol services. High-speed global private line and frame relay services will be offered to large business customers.

The Verizon global backbone network, launched earlier this year, connects London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf in a Euro Ring with connections to New York via trans-Atlantic cables. From Los Angeles, the network extends to Mexico and Honolulu and then on to Hong Kong, with terminations in other commercial centers in the Asia/Pacific region.

The network also has connections to Canada through TELUS, Verizon's Canadian affiliate.

By next year, Verizon Global Solutions plans to add backbone connections to other leading commercial centers in Europe, Asia and South America. Based on customer needs, the global network's backbone will be extended even farther to provide services in other cities as well.

    The address of the new office is:

    Verizon Global Solutions UK Ltd

    90 Long Acre

    London WC2E 9RZ


    The telephone number is +44 (0)20 7849 3046.

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