Verizon Promotes Online Safety and Security; Offers Advice to Consumers


  • Set parental controls to keep your children safe in the digital world. Services like Verizon's Internet Security Suite allow you to monitor and block inappropriate Web sites and offer the ability to set time limits for online surfing.

  • Place your computer in your home's common area.  This makes it easier to monitor sites your children are visiting and the amount of time they are spending on the computer each day.

  • Talk openly with your kids about digital threats and safety.  Having open conversations about online safety and behavioral expectations is crucial in protecting all members of the family from online predators and questionable content.

  • Set up a firewall for your network at home.  This will make it tough for hackers to gain access to valuable personal information.

  • Protect your computer from viruses by ensuring anti-virus software is installed and up to date.  Viruses are constantly evolving, so it is important to update your software and scan your computer regularly.

  • Never give out personal information to unknown sources via the Internet.  Never provide account numbers, passwords, social security number or other sensitive information to sources that are not reputable.

  • Consider installing anti-spyware software on your computer in addition to your anti-virus software.  Spyware is a program that allows a third party to monitor and gather user information that could potentially be used to harm you.  Avoid clicking on pop-up windows and be wary of free downloadable software, as they are common sources of spyware.

  • Avoid posting addresses, school names, telephone numbers, and other personal information on public locations online.  Remember that once information is posted online, anyone with an Internet connection can access it.

  • Be wary of opening e-mails with attachments that come from unknown sources.  They can contain viruses, spyware, worms or other elements that may be harmful to your computer. 

  • When shopping online, only do business with reputable companies.  Regularly monitor for suspicious activity accounts used to purchase items online. Familiarize yourself with the steps that need to be taken if you suspect your identity has been stolen.

  • When doing online commerce, customers should look for "http" at the beginning of a pay site to ensure the Web site is secure.  For your protection, if the page requesting your credit card information does not contain "http" at the beginning of the site's address, avoid using the online site.

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