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Verizon to Provide Seven-Digit Calling Between Area Communities

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Verizon has invested nearly $1 million to enhance and modernize its local telephone network in Indiana, providing seven-digit dialing on local calls between nine area communities.

Beginning June 29, calls between the following communities can be placed without dialing a "1" before the seven-digit local number: Akron and Mentone, Akron and Silverlake, Atwood and Mentone, Burket and Mentone, Burket and Claypool, Burket and Silverlake, Mentone and Tippecanoe, and Frankton and Perkinsville.

Previously, the "1" was required to complete calls. After June 29, calls placed using the "1" before the local number will not go through. Callers will hear a message telling them to dial using only the seven-digit number.

"We're pleased to complete this service enhancement," said Chuck Scott, Verizon manager of regional customer operations. "Calls between these communities continue to be free calls; now they can be made more quickly. With the changes we've made, these calls should be completed as easily as any other local call placed by area residents."

Verizon recently installed additional high-capacity telephone cable between a number of its telephone offices and added related electronic switching equipment to expand toll-free calling in the area. The investment is part of Verizon's capital commitment in the state this year. Similar enhancements already have been completed in several other Indiana communities.

According to Scott, the additional equipment can handle higher volumes of calls between the communities and also makes it possible for toll-free calls to be completed by dialing only seven digits.

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