Verizon Spent More Than $1.4 Billion in New York's Landline Telecommunications Infrastructure in 2010

Securing its place in the state as a leading provider of telecommunications, broadband and cable television services, Verizon spent in excess of $1.4 billion in enhancements and improvements to its New York landline-based network last year.

Continuing a trend that began in 1995, Verizon has spent more than $1 billion each year to further build, refine and modernize the state's land-based communications infrastructure.

"No other company is as closely tied to the daily workings of New York and its residents than Verizon," said Jim Gerace, the president of Verizon's New York region.  "Verizon is vital to the intricate and instantaneous trading on Wall Street, just as it is in providing low-cost Internet and basic telephone services to residents from Montauk to Buffalo.  Our investments keep New York's communications reliable, secure and up to date, and contribute to the sustained economic development of the state through advanced technology for consumers and businesses."

Last year, Verizon completed the following New York projects and initiatives:

  • The company continued its rollout of its revolutionary FiOS TV service to more communities, bringing competition and choice for cable TV service.  Verizon ended the year with a total of 178 towns and villages that have enabled their residents to order state-of-the-art, all-fiber-optic FiOS TV service.  The company continued to build its all-fiber network deeper into communities that had already granted a TV franchise to Verizon.  FiOS TV is now available in large parts of New York City, Long Island, the counties to the north of New York City and into the mid-Hudson area, and in western and central New York.  The company also began negotiating with several communities in the Capital District, and anticipates bringing FiOS TV to several communities there later this year.
  • Increasing its concentration on multitenant locations, the company added FiOS service availability to more than 180,000 households and businesses in multiple dwelling and tenant complexes.
  • The company offered enhancements that further differentiate FiOS services from the competition.  For example, FiOS TV provides a host of innovative, interactive features including an advanced interactive media guide; social TV, news, sports and entertainment widgets; DVR management via broadband or compatible smartphone; multi-room Home Media DVR; and more.  In 2010, Verizon also:
    • Launched Flex View, which enables FiOS TV customers to take on-demand video programming outside of the home and view it on various portable devices, including a growing number of compatible smartphones, tablets and laptops.
    • Revved up FiOS Internet speeds to 150 megabits per second for downloading and 35 Mbps for uploading - the fastest mass-market speeds in the country.
  • Deployment of Verizon High Speed Internet service (using DSL technology) to many communities in New York, making it available to 8.5 million households across the state. Verizon also made available to some 1.7 million New York customers a new speed tier of HSI service, with download speeds at 10 to 15 megabits per second.
  • Deployment of fiber-optic links to wireless providers' cell sites throughout New York as these carriers expand their infrastructure to meet ever-growing demand for wireless broadband and advanced 4G services.  In 2010, Verizon deployed fiber optics to connect more than 2,800 of these sites.
  • During the year, the company also added 276 alternative-energy vehicles to its fleet in New York as part of its commitment to conserving fuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to improved air quality in the communities it serves.  Verizon added 1,100 alternative energy vehicles across the country last year, and had approximately 375 alternative energy vehicles in New York by year's end.

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