Verizon Statement on Pennsylvania Cable-Choice Legislation

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Co-sponsors of two bills in the Pennsylvania General Assembly that would hasten consumer choice for cable television services have decided not to run the bills in the short time remaining in the 2006 legislative session.  The bills are Senate Bill 1247, co-sponsored by State Sens. Dominic F. Pileggi (R-9th District) and Anthony H. Williams (D-8th District), and House Bill 2880, co-sponsored by State Reps. Raymond Bunt Jr. (R-147th District) and Joseph Preston Jr. (D-24th District).   The following statement should be attributed to William B. Petersen, president of Verizon Pennsylvania.


“From the outset of this process, Verizon and other potential competitors have demonstrated that cable television competition will lead to better value, improved quality and more innovation for Pennsylvania’s consumers. 


“The debate and discussion generated by these bills over the short four months since their introduction have brought this issue home to legislators, local municipalities and consumers who have made it clear they want and expect cable competition.  Despite substantial progress made in resolving numerous local concerns, however, the parties were unable to come to final terms in time for legislation to pass this session.


“Verizon will continue to support efforts to accelerate competition for cable services in Pennsylvania.  Meanwhile, we will continue to obtain the necessary local franchises to bring cable choice to Pennsylvanians.”