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Verizon Statement on Texas Gov. Perry Signing Landmark Cable Franchising Legislation

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AUSTIN, Texas - Gov. Rick Perry today signed into law a landmark cable-franchising bill passed by the Texas Legislature during its second 30-day special session. The bill vastly streamlines the process of getting cable franchises for telecommunications carriers, providing Texans with a choice for their cable television needs.

Verizon has built a significant amount of its totally fiber-optic network in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, where the company already offers its ultra-fast FiOS Internet Service and fiber-based phone service in about two-dozen communities. This same network can now be used to deliver to consumers a new choice for cable television service. Verizon expects to begin offering cable TV service in Texas this fall.

Since Verizon began constructing its high-capacity, fiber-optic network in North Texas, the company has created more than 650 new full-time positions and retained the use of more than 800 contractors in Texas.

The following statement should be attributed to Verizon Southwest Region President Steve Banta.

"This progressive legislation will define Texas as a broadband buyer's market known for consumer choice, innovative products and services and technologically savvy customers.

"The broadband customer's thirst for fast, reliable and interactive voice, data and video services will be quenched as we offer a compelling combination of high-value communication services over the nation's most robust totally fiber-optic network.

"We expect to accelerate our video deployment in Texas beyond our original plans and will work to give more Texans a choice for cable TV service.

"Texas state leaders recognized the importance of keeping the Lone Star State at the forefront of our transforming society. The Texas Legislature has built a blueprint other states can use. We commend the steadfast commitment of Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, House Speaker Craddick, Texas senators and Texas House members to give consumers real choice for cable TV, voice and broadband services."