Verizon 'Pay For Calls' Service Provides Businesses With Powerful New Tool

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SAN JOSE, CALIF. - Verizon is giving small businesses a powerful new tool in their advertising portfolios by adding a Pay For Calls service on its popular local search and shopping site. made the announcement today at the Search Engine Strategies 2005 Conference & Expo here.

" is proven to provide our online advertisers with phone calls from customers who are ready to buy - the kind of lead preferred by merchants since the first yellow pages," President Scott Laver said. "With Pay For Calls, these aren't cold calls; these are red hot prospects." Pay For Calls also leverages the power of more than 1,000 printed telephone directories published by Verizon.

"Our pay-for-performance technology and unique ad placement algorithm are so advanced that we've applied for a patent," Laver said.

With Pay For Calls, a dedicated toll-free or local telephone number appears in the ad and rings through to the advertiser's regular phone line. Pay For Calls ads are integrated with and appear on the same search results page as Pay Per Click ads. If the ad does not generate any calls on the dedicated number, there is no charge to the advertiser, other than a monthly maintenance charge.

Pay Per Click generates "click-throughs;" pay-for-call generates phone calls. A bidding process is used to determine the fees for both services. The bids are calculated based on the comparative value of the leads generated. Calls are tracked and billed on a proven platform already in operation.

An additional value of Pay For Calls on is the ability to leverage ads in local Verizon yellow pages directories.

"Verizon yellow pages will include generic category ads with a local contact number," Laver explained. "The ad - and number - will be different for each listing category in which it appears: plumbers, lawyers, dentists, etc. Calls to that number will be forwarded to a local online advertiser in that category. This makes the static directory a dynamic advertising medium." Pay For Calls advertising will have minimums ranging from $2 to $6 per call, depending on the business category. Advertisers can increase their prominence and drive more calls by raising their bids.

Starting in September, will begin selling the service through its local and national sales channels and will provide advertisers with full-service customer care.

"Our years of experience creating ads that drive phone calls will translate into strong campaigns for Pay For Calls customers," Laver said.

Like Pay Per Click on, advertisers do not need a Web site to take advantage of Pay For Calls lead tracking technology. However, over 9.5 million advertisers have a Web presence through Business Profiles, which are available at no cost to any business listing in the U.S.

Free business profiles are available at:

About Verizon

Verizon Information Services, a division of Verizon Communications Corp. (NYSE: VZ), is the nation's most advanced provider of yellow pages and related shopping information. It has $3.6 billion in revenues from products including: Verizon SuperPages yellow pages; Verizon (, the nation's best Internet directory and a leading online shopping resource; and the SuperPages On the Go information directory offered through Verizon Wireless Get It Now services and on other wireless carriers. The company is the largest publisher of Hispanic directories in the U.S. and the first to provide a Hispanic online shopping resource (

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