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Verizon Urges Americans to Remember Deserving Charities As Holiday Season Approaches

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DALLAS -- As Americans get ready for this holiday season, Verizon urges families to remember the

numerous deserving charities on both the national and local levels. Many of these nonprofit organizations have

experienced a reduction in donations due to recent national events and a slowing economy, making contributions especially

important this year.

A list of nonprofit organizations that have met the standards of the Better Business Bureau or the National Charities

Information Bureau can be found on in the "Holiday

HomePages" section. Each charity's Web site link or contact phone number is provided.

In selecting a charity, the Council of Better Business Bureaus provides some basic tips on how to avoid a charitable

giving scam. First, donors should only write checks to the name of the organization, never to an individual. Also, be

suspicious if asked to give cash as the method of payment. It is important to note the name of the organization, as

fraudulent ones often have names that sound similar to well-known charities. In addition, research the charity by calling

your Better Business Bureau. Finally, request written information about the charity before agreeing to make a


For more information on safely giving to reputable charities, Verizon recommends visiting



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