Verizon Warns Consumers: AT&T Price Increase a Wake-Up Call

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NEW YORK -- Verizon Long Distance today warned consumers and businesses to review their long-distance bills to assure that they are on a long-distance calling plan that offers service for a dime or less per minute.

The warning comes in the wake of AT&T's recent announcement that its basic long-distance rate -- paid by customers who are not on a calling plan -- will increase to as much as 30 cents per-minute.

According to reports, 46 percent of AT&T's 60 million customers are not on a calling plan and will pay the higher basic rates that are increasing by as much as 11 percent beginning July 1.

"With Independence Day coming, consumers and businesses not on a plan should free themselves from long-distance rates that could be double what customers on calling plans pay," said Maura Breen, president, Verizon Long Distance. "It's easy to put off analyzing your long-distance bill, but it could save consumers and businesses a lot of money over time if they do. Some customers may have signed up with a long-distance company before competitive calling plans were widely popular or others may have picked a long-distance company without specifying a plan.

"A large majority of Verizon Long Distance customers are on a simple, flat-rate plan and pay 10 cents a minute or less during the day. We've stripped our plans of the small print that consumers and businesses find so confusing. None of our consumer plans have a minimum usage charge and several plans have no monthly plan fee. When we launched in New York and Massachusetts, every customer that we spoke with was placed on a calling plan based on their individual communications needs."

All new Verizon Long Distance residential customers who don't select a particular plan are enrolled automatically in the company's Timelesssm plan at 10 cents per minute with no monthly fee. More than 70 percent of Verizon's long-distance customers are already on a calling plan and the company is encouraging the rest to choose the best plan for them.

"In addition, Verizon provides customers the convenience of getting their long-distance charges on their local phone bill, unlike some of our competitors who charge $1.50 a month for the privilege," Breen said.

Currently, Verizon Long Distance offers four consumer long-distance plans nationwide and one international plan. The company's flagship plan is Timeless with a 10-cents-a-minute rate all the time for direct-dialed, state-to-state calls. There are a variety of other plans, including a pay-in-advance plan, bulk-rate calling, a plan for those who make most calls in the evenings and a discounted plan available exclusively through the Internet.

"There's a plan here for just about everyone, whether customers make a few calls a month or a lot. We encourage any consumers to call us to talk about a calling plan to best meet their needs. And we hope customers of other companies will review their long-distance service and shop for a plan that saves them money," Breen said.

Verizon Long Distance is the nation's fourth-largest long-distance company with more than 5.2 million customers.

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