Verizon Will Maintain Connections for NorthPoint Customers

BACKGROUND - News stories reported March 29 that NorthPoint Communications announced it is taking immediate steps to take down service and advised its customers to expect network outages and termination of DSL services immediately. NorthPoint declared bankruptcy recently and is wrapping up its business. The statement below should be attributed to Tom Maguire, vice president, CLEC Operations, Verizon Communications.

''Verizon will leave all NorthPoint DSL customer connections in service for the time being to give those NorthPoint customers time to arrange a transition to a new service provider. This may permit customers to continue to use their broadband Internet service, assuming Internet backbone companies and other parties follow Verizon's lead and leave the network intact.

Verizon recently gained experience in the mass migration of DSL customers as a number of providers have pulled out of the DSL market. We are working extensively with data providers to work out a process for moving NorthPoint customers that is as efficient as possible for all involved.''