Verizon Wireless Offers Nationwide Savings in Time for the Holidays

Verizon Wireless Offers Nationwide Savings in Time for the Holidays

BEDMINSTER, NJ -- Verizon Wireless is offering a sack full of savings to new and existing customers this holiday season. Until Jan. 31, 2001, the nation's largest wireless carrier is making it easier than ever to give the gift of wireless. Offers range from bonus minutes and unlimited text messaging to a Web site of accessories and new equipment offerings. From stocking stuffer-sized gifts to [FREEUP], the latest Prepay wireless service offering, Verizon Wireless is a one-stop shop for every member of the family.

Bonus Minutes: $35 for 3,500 minutes. From now until Jan. 31, customers who sign up for a Verizon Wireless local, regional or national digital service plan with a minimum of $35 monthly access will receive 3,500 minutes. Normally, customers who sign up for Verizon Wireless' National SingleRate service plan pay $35 monthly access and receive 150 anytime minutes. During the promotional period, they will receive 150 weekday minutes and 3,350 weekend minutes for as long as they stay on the plan.

[FREEUP]: Customers who value the freedoms of Prepay wireless phone service packed with post-pay value, will enjoy bonus minutes when they sign up for Verizon Wireless' [FREEUP] service. Currently, [FREEUP] customers enjoy nationwide calling, free long-distance, roaming, short text messaging, no contract, no credit check, Caller ID in select markets and convenient [REUP] Prepay card replenishment. Until Jan. 4, 2002 customers who purchase and activate [FREEUP] Prepay service will get 1,000 free weekend minutes for as long as their account remains active. Existing customers who replenish their [FREEUP] service for $50 or more get 200 free weekend minutes. Customers who purchase additional minutes with a [REUP] card of $30 to $49.99 receive 50 free weekend minutes.

Freedom to Choose: Verizon Wireless is expanding the handset options for [FREEUP] customers. [FREEUP] customers have until Jan. 31 to select from a variety of new text messaging capable, digital handsets-- some with $20 to $30 rebates. Customers should check with their local Verizon Wireless Communications representative for additional information.

Mobile Messengersm: Short text messaging, the wireless technology of choice for thousands of European teens, is gaining in popularity in the United States. Through Jan. 31, 2002, Verizon Wireless is giving new customers who sign up for the Holiday Bonus Minutes offer unlimited text messaging with Internet alerts until February 28, 2002. Typically, customers pay $2.99 per month for 100 text messages, $7.99 per month, for 600 messages or 10 cents to send and two cents to receive individual text messages.

Accessories: Handsets in cool colors for hands-free driving safety, vehicle power adapters and translucent color face plates for the fashion conscious wireless user are available at all Verizon Wireless stores and on the Verizon Wireless Accessory Web site: www.verizonwireless.com. Cost conscious wireless users can save time and money on wireless accessories by first shopping at Verizon Wireless' Web site. The site offers wireless accessories for most major manufacturers' wireless phones. Even customers who didn't purchase their phone from Verizon Wireless can get plenty of stocking stuffer accessories from this Web site. The hottest accessory this holiday season is the hands-free combo pack that includes a headset, vehicle charger/adapter and belt clip for a $15 cost savings.

Rebate Offer: The Motorola V120c wireless phone that with the addition of a special headset, is an FM radio, can now become a speakerphone. Wireless phone users who have cut the cord at home or office will enjoy using this hands-free accessory - for free. Until Jan 1, 2002, customers who purchase a Motorola V120c phone from Verizon Wireless along with a service plan will be mailed a Clip-On Speaker accessory - a $59.99 value -- when they submit a mail-in rebate form. The Motorola V120c Clip-On Speaker gives multi-taskers the freedom to keep both hands on the wheel while driving or taking notes while sitting at their desks.

Mobile-to-Mobile Minutes: Verizon Wireless customers who enjoy the convenience of Family Share plans can get bonus minutes to call anyone on their plan. Depending on the plan, bonuses can range from 250 minutes per month up to an unlimited number of mobile-to-mobile minutes. Moms and Dads on the go who need to coordinate with busy teens can do so at big savings when they sign up on the Verizon Wireless Family Share digital plan available in their market.

The Best Gift of All - Verizon Wireless service that is coast-to-coast on the nation's largest wireless network.

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Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless communications provider in the U.S. with more than 28.7 million wireless voice and data customers. The coast-to-coast wireless provider was formed by the combination of the U.S. wireless businesses of Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ) and Vodafone (NYSE and LSE: VOD), including Bell Atlantic Mobile, AirTouch Cellular, GTE Wireless and PrimeCo Personal Communications. Verizon Wireless has a footprint covering more than 90 percent of the U.S. population, 49 of the top 50 and 97 of the top 100 U.S. markets. The company, headquartered in Bedminster, NJ, is 40,000 employees strong. Reporters and editors can find more information about the company on the Web at http://www.verizonwireless.com.