Verizon's Voice Mailboxes Now Give 'Shout Out' to Verizon Wireless Phones When New Messages Arrive

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NEW YORK - Verizon home and business voice mailboxes now can alert customers on their Verizon Wireless phone that someone has left a message.

Starting today, Verizon voice-messaging customers in New York City and New England can add a feature that sends a text message to any Verizon Wireless short text messaging-capable phone with an alert that a new voice message has been left on the customer's landline phone.

"One more barrier to efficient communications falls today. One more gap in the continuum of efficient communication has been closed," said Rich McCusker, director of product development for Verizon. "Voice messages don't have to lie dormant, waiting for someone to look for them; now they shout out, 'I'm here, whenever you're ready for me.'"

Verizon voice-messaging customers throughout New England and the five boroughs of New York City who also have Verizon Wireless digital service can request the additional feature from Verizon's landline home and business representatives. There is no charge for receipt of the SMS (Short Message Service) alert where the service is available.

"This new feature enriches an already valuable service that millions of customers use for staying in touch," McCusker said. "The reliability and versatility of our voice-messaging products is proven time and again, day after day. From personal reminders you deliver to yourself to multiple mailboxes, it all works even when the power's out, because it's built into our network."

When a caller leaves a message on the regular phone line, customers who choose the service will get an alert on their wireless phone that reports a message is waiting at the home or business line's voice mail access number. Multiple work and home mailboxes can all report new messages to the same wireless phone, since the access numbers for message retrieval will be different for each mailbox.

The new service uses technology that supports communication between otherwise parallel networks, technology that is already employed by Verizon's iobi call-management product line. Customers in the Northeast and elsewhere can use various versions of iobi to manage all their messaging from a single platform, including using a computer screen icon to direct calls in real time as they come in.

"Some call it convergence, some call it integration, but we think our customers will call it 'helpful,'" McCusker said.

The new feature can be ordered when placing an original order for home and business voice messaging or by calling the Verizon service ordering number on the phone bill.

In participating markets, Verizon home and business customers also can get a single bill for their landline and Verizon Wireless bills. Called ONE-BILL, it is available free for customers whose accounts are current.

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