Virage To Market BBN Technologies' Advanced Audio Monitoring Product

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Businesses that need nearly instantaneous conversion of video programs into easily retrievable and searchable computer text have a new high quality solution from BBN Technologies, a Verizon company, and Virage, Inc.

Virage, a leading provider of enterprise-scale video content management and publishing solutions, plans to market and distribute BBN Audio Indexer. The BBN product will be integrated into Virage's SmartEncodeTM collection of products designed to provide comprehensive encoding and indexing capabilities for customers worldwide.

"With this agreement, we can now offer a reliable and fast method of indexing both the audio and video portions of live video streams," said Erich Bender, BBN vice president for speech and language processing. "News organizations, government, corporations and others who manage significant digital assets now have a highly advanced way to capture, index, encode and publish digital files."

The BBN Audio Indexer is an advanced speech recognition and language-processing product that transcribes and categorizes the content of video or audio broadcasts into computer text while the broadcast is being aired. This creates a high-level structured summarization of the spoken language that can be searched and browsed easily through many different features such as the names of people, places, organizations, and topics mentioned in the transcript as well as the identities and locations of the speakers in the recording. Users of the product will be able to monitor the content of news broadcasts around the world.

"The Virage platform takes a significant step forward with the integration of BBN's audio technology into our software," said Dave Girouard, senior vice president of products and services for Virage. "Our customers will benefit from significantly enhanced speech recognition quality as well as more advanced language processing."

The agreement enables the companies to combine BBN's expertise in speech and language processing technologies with Virage's advanced SmartEncode process. SmartEncode products include VideoLogger® 5.0, Software Developer Kit 5.0 and ControlCenterTM 2.0.

The BBN Audio Indexer is a content-based indexing system for spoken language. Unlike many audio-indexing systems that can locate files only when they contain specified key words, the BBN product incorporates intelligent language understanding so that it can locate audio files based on their relevance to any topic of interest. The product integrates an array of features: speaker-independent speech recognition, speaker segmentation, speaker clustering, speaker identification, name spotting, topic and audio classification, story segmentation and information or story retrieval technologies.

About BBN Technologies

BBN Technologies, a Verizon Communications company, was established as Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. in 1948. From its roots as an acoustical design consulting firm, to the implementation and operation of the ARPANET-the forerunner of today's Internet-to the development of the first network email, which established the @ sign as an icon for the digital age, BBN Technologies provides the same technical expertise and innovation to both government and commercial customers today. These areas of expertise include: system integration; distributed, collaborative applications; speech recognition; language understanding; wireless and satellite networking; network architecture and management; information security; structural acoustics; sensor signal processing; and real-time, multi-processor systems. With more than 700 employees in 10 offices across the US, BBN Technologies had revenues in 2000 of approximately $118 million. For more information on BBN Technologies, go to

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