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Virginia customers first to be offered GTE's Calling Name ID Service

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IRVING, Texas -- GTE has selected Virginia as the first state to offer a "window on the world" through its Calling Name ID service. Combined with Calling Number ID (CNID), customers can see their callers' name and telephone number.

Calling Name and Number ID benefits both residential and business customers, according to Betty Reynolds, GTE Caller ID product manager. For example, with the service, parents can tell children that are home alone only to answer calls from people they know. Businesses can personalize their greetings and use the service to verify orders or requests.

"There is an important safety component, as well as practical benefits, to being able to tell who is calling," said Reynolds. "Harassing and obscene callers take note, you can't hide anymore."

Calling Name ID is available now to Harrisonburg and Warsaw area customers. By April, 1996, it will be available to other GTE Virginia customers.

"An overwhelming majority of our customers with Calling Number ID, say they also want Calling Name ID. A name will be even more recognizable than a telephone number for most people," said Reynolds.

Order Information

Calling Name ID is a supplement to CNID and can't be purchased separately. Customers interested in Calling Name and Number ID can call GTE toll-free at 1-800-346-4300. GTE also sells telephones with a built-in display unit for names and telephone numbers. Display attachments can be bought at GTE Phone Marts and other retail outlets.

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