Virginia Ruesterholz to Head NYNEX Long Island Market

November 8, 1995

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Virginia Ruesterholz to Head NYNEX Long Island Market

LONG ISLAND, NY -- Virginia Ruesterholz has been named as vice president and general

manager of the NYNEX Long Island Market Area.

She replaces John Lack, who has been named chief operating officer

of Excelcomindo, a new joint venture through which NYNEX has teamed

up with strategic partners to provide nationwide digital cellular

telephone service in Indonesia.

In her new position, Ruesterholz is responsible for providing

all customer services to a wide cross section of large and small

businesses, in addition to more than one million residence customers.

Prior to this new position, Ruesterholz was vice president and

general manager for NYNEX's Southern Manhattan Market Area.

Recruited by New York Telephone in 1984, Ruesterholz joined the

company's executive development program, and quickly rose through

the management ranks in a variety of positions of increasing responsibility.

In one of her early assignments, she created the companys first

computer software program that facilitated daily installation

and repair of data services to NYNEX's largest telecommunications


In 1994, Ms. Ruesterholz became the youngest person ever to hold

the senior management position of vice president and general manager.

Earlier this year, she received the 40 Under 40 award from Crains

New York Business, which recognizes 40 top New York executives

under the age of 40. She is the first recipient of the Rising

Star Award from the New York Womens Agenda, and also was a member

of the New York City Chamber of Commerces Womens Business Council.

Ms. Ruesterholz received her degree in chemical engineering from

the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J., and holds

a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications Management at

Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. Last month, she received the Stevens

Institute of Technology Honor Award from the Stevens Alumni Association.

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