Wireless Customers Served by Verizon's Wholesale 411 Service Get New Tools for Language, Text Message Options

NEW YORK - Verizon's LiveSource operator services group is bringing two more innovations to the 411 information services it provides for wireless phone companies: preset language preferences and preset text-delivery of directory assistance listings.

The new features, which let mobile phone customers personalize their 411 service quickly and easily, are available now. LiveSource is working with its wholesale customers to set upcoming launch dates.

Previously, a voice prompt asked 411 callers each time they called if they wanted their service in English or Spanish, requiring a key press to select the preference. Now, when the caller selects a language, that choice will automatically apply to all future calls.  For example, callers requesting service in Spanish will always be routed to a Spanish-speaking operator, unless the code is reset.

Similarly, calls used to end with a prompt asking callers to press 1 to have a text message with the listing sent to the wireless handset.  With the new service, after selecting "yes" during the first call, customers will then be prompted to select automatic text-message delivery for all future calls. Text messages act like note pads, so numbers are available for use again later. This is especially valuable since most wireless directory calls are completed automatically. It also supports callers who can't stop to write down the listing.

"Directory assistance is an important service for callers on the go," said Tom Moran, executive director of product management and development for Verizon LiveSource, "and we continue to enrich the service we provide to wireless customers to enhance the value of their wireless service.

"Letting callers select options once instead of every time they call reflects our appreciation that callers want accurate listings delivered quickly and don't want to fumble with choices, especially while on the run."

Verizon LiveSource is the nation's leading provider of directory assistance to the wireless industry, handling well over half a billion 411 calls every year for the wireless customers it serves.

Verizon LiveSource has been an industry leader in innovation, offering its wholesale customers various vertical services such as movie times, sport scores, various information services and, of course, accurate phone listings.  Additional enhancements to the service are in development.

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