Wireless Service Vital During Hurricane Floyd

Wireless Service Vital During Hurricane Floyd

Bell Atlantic Mobile Prepares For Hurricane, Provides
Customers Emergency Tips

September 16, 1999


Howard Waterman, 908-306-7832

Bell Atlantic Mobile makes year-round preparations for hurricanes and as
Hurricane Floyd wreaks havoc along the East Coast, company engineers
will be working around the clock to ensure that wireless service is


  • Bell Atlantic Mobile tests diesel generators year-round at
    its cellular antenna sites.
  • These powerful generators sound like jet engines when
    running and can keep the company's network operational
    and service online without conventional power.
  • Throughout the year, Bell Atlantic Mobile goes through a
    disaster recovery plan to test the generators, to make sure
    everything will work properly in the event of a hurricane.
  • During Hurricane Hugo in 1989, Bell Atlantic Mobile had
    people on-call that made sure that wireless service
    remained up and running while the storm pounded away.
    The company will do the same when Floyd hits.
  • Wireless antenna towers are designed to meet federal
    safety regulations, and withstand high winds.

CONSUMER TIPS: Making Sure Your Wireless Phone Works

Bell Atlantic Mobile advises customers to:

  • Make sure to charge wireless phone batteries
  • Have extra batteries on hand and or cigarette lighter
    adapters to charge phones (Extra batteries can be
    purchased at a local Communications Store or ordered
    from www.bam.com)
  • Be familiar with all emergency numbers
  • Distribute your wireless phone number(s) to family
    members and friends
  • When dialing 9-1-1, remember to hit the
    "Send" key