Verizon continues to upgrade Lancaster's best network

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Recent upgrades lead to testing results that show customers in Lancaster have the best experience on Verizon’s network

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LANCASTER, PA - Customers and visitors to Lancaster, PA have the best experience when using the Verizon network, according to the nation’s most rigorous scientific testing company RootMetrics®.   In the most recent test measuring performance of the major wireless carriers throughout Lancaster, Verizon not only wins for overall network performance, but is unbeaten in every single category measured including accessibility, speed, reliability and performance in texts and calls. Today’s results mark the 10th testing period in a row over the course of five years Verizon’s network is unbeaten in Lancaster.

"These results reinforce what many of our customers already know: Verizon consistently provides Lancaster the best network experience," said Julie Slattery, Vice President of Engineering and Operations for Verizon.  “We know customers rely on our service and our engineers are working daily to ensure customers have the experience they need and expect from us.”

Network enhancements in Lancaster

These top marks are a result of months of deploying new enhancements in the network for those who live in and visit the Lancaster area.  Network engineers have been busy deploying 5G Ultra Wideband service throughout Lancaster, adding the service to more than 50 cell sites in the last few months.

In addition to adding 5G service to the market, engineers have been busy expanding wireless service, erecting multiple macro and small cells throughout the market.  This additional coverage provides service near Oregon Pike around Rte 30 and Rte 272, in the town of Conestoga, in  Manor Township along Charlestown Road, eastern side of the town of  Lititz, PA, along Rte 372 and Rte 272 south of Buck, PA and near Rohrerstown Road and  Rte 741.

These deployments used recently acquired C-band spectrum.  Until this year in Lancaster, Verizon has been restricted to using 60 MHz of the spectrum they secured, but by the end of this year, customers in Lancaster will be able to take advantage of 100 MHz of C-band, almost doubling the spectrum available for 5G Ultra Wideband.  That additional spectrum will turbo charge the service, offering significantly higher speeds, much greater capacity to accommodate more customers and more robust services.

Even as engineers provide wireless service in more places, they are also enhancing the service by deploying leading edge, modernized technology in the area.  Engineers have upgraded the hardware in many of the cell sites providing service throughout Lancaster adding capacity for more data to be used by customers, providing power efficiency, and providing virtualization.  This technology milestone allows Verizon to rapidly respond to customers’ varied latency and computing needs, and provides greater flexibility and agility in the introduction of new products and services. The move to a cloud-based, virtualized architecture with standardized interfaces in every part of the network leads to greater flexibility, faster delivery of services, greater scalability, and improved cost efficiency in networks.

Lastly, the addition of 5G service and the many additional wireless solutions allow far more data to travel on the wireless network in Lancaster. That exponential increase in data carried into and out of the cell sites serving the community requires upgraded fiber optic cable links.  Fiber optic cables are used to move data between cell sites and connect those sites to the rest of the network.  Verizon has increased the capacity on the fiber connections in many cell sites in the Lancaster area so they can carry 10 times the amount of data.  

Services from the network customers rely on

For customers in Lancaster, the additional coverage and capacity means more customers now have access not only to reliable, fast mobile service, but also Verizon Home Internet service, a different kind of home internet with truly unlimited broadband service and no data caps. It’s ideal for anyone who wants super fast connectivity to stream, game or even work remotely.   Additionally, through Verizon Frontline, first responders in the Lancaster area will also be able to experience the benefits of these network enhancements. So for customers living in or traveling to Lancaster Pennsylvania, Verizon has a network they can count on.

*Rankings based on the RootMetrics® Lancaster RootScore® Reports: 2H 2018 - 1H 2023. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on three mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of Verizon.


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