Smartphone Usage Survey Reveals Increased Role in Daily Life

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How important is your smartphone to your various routines? If you’re like most smartphone users, your device is an essential part of your day. In fact, 80% of us check our smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up every morning, according to a recent smartphone usage survey of more than 7,000 Android and iPhone users from IDC Research, published March 28.

The survey found some additional interesting facts. Although the majority of smartphone users spend more than two hours a day communicating on their phones, they view this as a positive way to stay connected and productive. In fact, more and more of our lives are moving to our mobile devices. While smartphones are no longer a new phenomenon, they are still relativity new technology in the history of the world. Previous generations viewed the radio, landline telephones, television and the Internet as revolutionary technology, and they were at one time. But the interesting thing to me is that today the functions of all those things are available to us wherever we are by using our smartphones.

This blog has come to be a celebration of these great uses of mobile technology in our daily lives and a wonderful resource for everyone, whether they are moms trying to keep up with their family's hectic lives or executives looking to streamline their daily duties.

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Each person has a different way of using their smartphone and that individuality helps further the creativity that drives development in mobile technology. If you’ve got a story you’d like to share about how mobile technology has become essential to your daily life, leave a comment or contact me on Twitter (@VZWBrenda).

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