Viva Las Verizon!

By: Cara Jurkowski

Nothing but praise for the V Team: Live from Vegas for the Big Game.

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Today, on a super-bodacious Super Bowl Edition of Up To Speed Live:

▶️🎰 Press Play: We’re Verizon, so check out our exciting opening video from Las Vegas! [00:00]

Back home, Raquel Wilson and Jen Marin are enjoying a pre-Super Bowl party. We’ll check back in with them later …

🎲Special guests join Jess in Las Vegas [01:04]

Jess Bonardi has been all over the city to see what Verizon is up to, but today she’s hosting a special event at the Verizon takeover of the Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club. Market President Matt Carr and the entire area sales team join the audience and the excitement is palpable!

▶️Just press play and see more ‘high-flying’ adventures from Sin City at [02:29]

🏈Hans and the leadership team chat about the big game [03:17]

  • [03:17] CEO Hans Vestberg is excited for the big game! He discusses the long journey to the Super Bowl and thanked everyone for their hard work. He also mentions our Consumer Connections Report, which was released today and some of the amazing stats it gives, including that nearly 50% of fans in stadiums are Verizon customers! Be sure to check out the report for more great info! Hans’ bottom line? Don’t miss the Verizon Super Bowl ad!
  • [07:00] Our new CMO Leslie Berland is on hand for her first Super Bowl and she is incredibly excited about the energy she feels. She thanks everyone on the Marketing teams for their work and says this is far more than a sponsorship, “Verizon is literally everywhere! This is the most palpable manifestation of the brand.”
  • [08:32] Verizon Business leader Kyle Malady reinforces that in Las Vegas, Verizon is everywhere! Everyone should be proud of this and all of our partnerships. This is all possible because of our unique relationship we have with the NFL – they are more than a partner, they’re also our customer. And we are not only helping to modernize their business but thousands of other businesses as well. The amazing work we do with them is what enables this partnership, and the network is what fuels it.
  • [10:06] Global Networks and Technology Leader Joe Russo thanks the Test Force and everyone from the GNT team. It took three years to make this happen, to triple the capacity. And the lasting improvements we’ve made are for consumers, businesses large and small, public safety, transportation and so many more customers … that’s all in addition to the fans!

    Hans points out that our coast-to-coast private network is why the NFL chose us as their partners – we helped them modernize their business as we have done for so many customers large and small.

🔮What’s your Super Bowl prediction? [16:36]

According to our official Super Bowl Slack poll, Kansas City is the winner, and now we’re just going to have to see if they’re right! Thanks to everyone who entered. Tune in on Tuesday to see who wins the swag!

📺 Make way for the Super Bowl ads! [17:11]

“If you miss [our BIG Super Bowl ad], I’m gonna be sorry for you.” - Hans

As Hans said, our commercials this year are can’t-miss. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the teaser, check out our Instagram handle. This game is full of firsts for Verizon: two commercials in Spanish during Univision’s Spanish-language telecast of the game. One is a Verizon brand commercial, the other is for the Total By Verizon value brand – that commercial will air during the first commercial break of the second quarter.

🗣️💬Tell us in the comments and win… [17:59]

There’s yet another way to win a prize – we know these commercials will be chat-worthy, and many of you will talk about them in a group chat. We want to know:

Who’s in your group? 📱Who’s the funny one? 🙋🏿 The lurker? 👩🏻‍🦳 Who’s the one that immediately blabs to other groups? 🙋🏿‍♀️ Tell us about your Super Bowl group chat in the comments and you’ll have a chance to win an awesome prize!

☑️ Vote for your favorite ads! [18:19]

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Register ASAP at USA Today Ad Meter as a panelist
  2. Once the Verizon ad plays, go back to the site and vote
  3. Be sure to vote on all of the available ads, otherwise your vote won’t count!
  4. That’s it! Vote on Sunday and the results will be released on Monday. You can be sure we’ll talk about it on our next Up to Speed

Keep up to date on all the happenings on Instagram [19:41]

Be sure to follow our social handles on Instagram with @verizon and @insideverizon, and our Spanish-language channel @tuverizon.

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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About the author:

Cara Jurkowski is a failed standup comedian who made up for her lack of comedic success by spending the past two decades telling stories about the communications industry and the amazing people who work to connect the world. When she is not writing about Verizon, she lives in an unofficial Lego museum, slowly working through a steadily growing backlog of unbuilt sets at a perfectly acceptable pace.

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