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By: Cara Jurkowski

Breaking down our partnership with the Tennessee Titans for the new Nissan Stadium.

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On today’s edition of Up To Speed Live, Raquel is broadcasting live from Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee, for an exciting announcement.

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📱Tomorrow is Galaxy Day at Verizon stores nationwide [00:17]

Wednesday, January 31, is Galaxy Day at Verizon stores across the USA. We spoke with Dan Mejer, Senior Manager of the Nashville Verizon store, to talk about the new Galaxy S24 smartphones, featuring AI technology to make your life easier. As he said, “We’re so excited to have our customers in the store to check out all the new features!”

For more info: Read the press release.

🤯 Want to learn more about the latest generation of Galaxy S24 AI-enabled smartphones?

Check out the latest episode of the Academy Award-winning* George Talks Tech series.

* We assume that if the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences evaluated episodic, informational, web-series produced by corporations, they would be so impressed by George Talks Tech that they would have no choice but to create an award for it.

🏈 Tennessee Titans announce Verizon as the exclusive wireless telecom partner of the new Nissan Stadium [01:45]

The eight-year agreement announces us as the stadium’s first cornerstone partner, the highest tier of partnership (under naming rights). We will provide state-of-the-art technology and wireless solutions, keeping fans connected in the new stadium, which is scheduled to open in 2027. This continues to expand on our current partnership with the Titans, which began in 2023.

Get more information: Today’s press release.

▶️ Go to [02:28] to get Atlantic South Market President Leigh Anne Lanier’s thoughts on what the partnership means to the communities and consumers in the area.

▶️ Go to [02:57] to hear from Network’s Engineering’s Ken Flowers on what it means to build the Network from the ground up at the new stadium.

✓ Go to [03:29] to hear from members of the local Test Force to get their thoughts: “I do whatever it takes to get the Network out the door for our customers!”

▶️ Go to [06:28] to hear from Verizon Business Group’s Brian Gorney on what the partnership means for our VBG and what tech we have planned for the stadium, from advanced features to sustainability.

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Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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Cara Jurkowski is a failed standup comedian who made up for her lack of comedic success by spending the past two decades telling stories about the communications industry and the amazing people who work to connect the world. When she is not writing about Verizon, she lives in an unofficial Lego museum, slowly working through a steadily growing backlog of unbuilt sets at a perfectly acceptable pace.

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