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Up To Speed week in review: This week, we went to infinity and beyond.

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A truly Magical partnership: Verizon customers get 1 year of Disney+ free

Dreams do come true! Disney+ launched this week offering everything from Disney classics to brand new originals like The Mandalorian. For the latter, a few lucky Verizon Up members and V Teamers had the chance to attend premiere events across the country, including at theaters like Mann’s Chinese in Hollywood . Even better, Verizon is offering customers one year of Disney+ absolutely free. So go ahead, binge away on your favorite Pixar and Marvel movies -- it’s all on us!

Celebrating Veterans Day and our V Team Vets

On Monday we saluted our V Team Veterans by sharing their stories and having them talk about the importance of Veterans Day and how we can all do little things to show our appreciation for the sacrifices our military members have made for our country. We have great profiles for you to check out.

Like Travis Kelso, a retail General Manager and US Marine Corp Veteran from Lincoln, Nebraska, who volunteers with the Heroes Into Homes program. The goal is to aid members of the military community in their transition to civilian lifestyles. From fully furnished living spaces, to making sure food supply is never low, the organization is doing great work to make this lifestyle change as seamless as possible.

Our own Kacie also shared her amazing military family story, where she gave a shoutout to Verizon’s Give Thanks Military tour, which gives military members and their families a chance to offer their thanks for the support they receive.

The quicker picker-upper: shopping fast and easy at the Verizon Express store

Steve gave us a tour of one of our new retail concept Express Stores in Portland, Oregon. These new tech-forward retail locations offer time savings to our customers who prefer a digital-first lifestyle. Multiple in-store kiosks allow a customer to quickly select new phone or tablet, pay, pick up and head out.

It’s just another way Verizon is giving our customers choices.

Flip-tastic! The all new Motorola Razr is back and better than ever

Most people don’t get excited about a new razor, but not so with the all-new Razr. The buzz has been palpable ever since Motorola announced this week that the iconic flip phone has been completely reimagined and will be available exclusively to Verizon customers. George Koroneos clued us in to all of the important specs, including:

  • A satisfyingly fun to flip handset that folds completely in half with no gaps
  • An external screen that offers the ability to take selfies, see texts and emails, play music and access Google assistant all while the phone is closed
  • The phone opens to reveal a giant 6.2 inch interior screen
  • A 16 megapixel camera with AI imaging software can be used with the phone open or closed

The Razr will be available for pre-orders December 26 and in stores on January 9th.

More savings for our most loyal customers

Here’s another way we’re saying thanks to our customers… When Verizon customers combine select Verizon Wireless and Fios plans and enroll through Verizon Up, they’ll save up to $20 a month. Plus they can get $10 every month toward their next phone or tablet purchase.

Helping companies keep payment data secure

The 2019 Verizon Payment Security Report is out and George Fischer tells us what we need to know in helpful LinkedIn article. He notes the dangerous trend that fewer companies that process payment data are maintaining standard security practices, and that Verizon is offering a helpful framework to help companies reach compliance.

It’s almost here… get ready for next week’s Leadership Forum

Another reminder that this Monday, Hans will be hosting a live webcast from the Leadership Forum, kicking off at 11am ET. You don’t want to miss it - we will be covering lots of new things for our employees! The Up To Speed team will be fielding questions across the country as well as across the Atlantic Ocean.

That’ll do it for this week, have a great weekend, let us know what you might be binge-watching on Disney+, and until next time, you’re up to speed!

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