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10.11.2019Inside Verizon

‘Nobody says swag anymore.’

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Up To Speed week in review: You can learn a lot from watching the week in review.


The week in review. 

Verizon made a visit to Panama City, one year after Hurricane Michael to see the work Verizon has done to help build the community back stronger with 5G. 

This September, Verizon planted its 1 millionth tree in Southlake, Texas working towards the goal of planting 10 million trees by 2030. And more groundbreaking advancements happened in Dulles, VA where 45,000 pounds of recycling was collected making it the largest recycle rally of the year! 

In latest tech news, new medical advancements has restored movement to a paralyzed man thanks to a mind-reading exoskeleton. And the CMO team had a chance to create some tech of their own, building 63 robots for Verizon Innovative Labs in New York and New Jersey.  The team also had the opportunity to hear from Michael Strahan about creativity and teamwork. 

How well do V Teamers know their benefits? Well, we found out during Andy and Kacie’s pop-quiz where they asked a variety of questions about Verizon’s benefit plans. Luckily, benefits leader, Kevin Cammarata had all the answers! 

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Don’t forget to get your new Verizon gear and help out your fellow V Teamers! This week only,  20% of proceeds from our 2.0 pop-up shop will go to VtoV,- our employee relief fund. Also starting this week, you can text to donate to benefit VtoV. Text VtoV to 501501 to donate $10 / Text PLEDGE to 501501 to donate $25.


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