Study confirms Verizon is wireless-data champ in Twin Cities

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Julio Ojeda-Zapata from Your Tech Weblog shares news that a recent study of wireless carrier performance and reliability in the Twin Cities confirms that Verizon’s LTE takes the gold.

During a recent guest appearance on the TWiT network’s Tech News Today show, I came off as a bit of an LTE fanboy, repeatedly professing my adoration for Verizon’s high-speed wireless-data network.

Can you blame me? I’ve found the Long Term Evolution service to be wicked-fast on all the Verizon devices I’ve borrowed for tryouts.

But, hey, don’t take my word for it. A new study of wireless-carrier performance and reliability in the Twin Cities is confirmation that Verizon LTE rules the roost.

The RootMetrics study benchmarked the four major wireless carriers in various categories, including wireless-data performance, voice-call reliability and text-message speed. The results are kind of a mixed bag, with all carriers minus AT&T walking away with bragging rights in one category or another.

Read my story about the study, and download a copy of the findings, here.

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