Survey highlights powerful results obtained by using fleet technology

Verizon Connect findings reveal 86% of European Fleets achieve Return on Investment within a year or less and improved customer service

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DUBLIN, IRELAND – The critical link between the use of fleet management technology in achieving Return on Investment (ROI) and improving customer service has been reinforced through European survey findings sponsored by Verizon Connect.

The survey conducted by ABI Research was completed by more than 1,350 European fleet managers, executives and other mobile business professionals in 10 countries1. Seventy-four percent of respondents found using fleet management technology was ‘very’ and ‘extremely’ beneficial to their business; with 86% witnessing ROI within a year or less, and just under half (44%) experiencing this within six months or less. Importantly for long-term customer retention and ongoing satisfaction, over half (56%) of all respondents reported improved customer service after implementing fleet management technology solutions.

“These results demonstrate in hard numbers, the transformational effect using fleet management solutions can have - especially for small businesses,” said Peter Mitchell, senior vice president and general manager of Verizon Connect. “Many companies have been financially stretched during the pandemic. Fleet management technologies allow a dramatic reduction in costs while also enabling companies to get more work done. Equally as important, these technologies can also help prioritise safety, increase customer satisfaction and promote sustainability through reduced fuel usage.”

Other key findings highlighted are:

  • Investment in fleet technology and driver safety continued during the pandemic with 59% of respondents establishing processes to check the safety and security of employees and vehicles during this period; 47% invested in new systems that helped them to track vehicle data.

  • Fuel costs were lowered in 52% of respondents.

  • Number of accidents was reduced in 43% of respondents.

  • Video solution adopters saw positive cost-benefits with 57% seeing a reduction in accident costs and 47% obtaining a reduction in vehicle insurance costs.

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1 Countries surveyed include: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom

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Peter Mitchell has been appointed general manager of Verizon Connect, an integral part of Verizon Business’ product portfolio