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Up in flames.

By: Lillian Doremus

V Teamer loses 90% of everything he owns, including his beloved dog.

Up in flames.

For Eric Robinson, Facilities Technician in Dover NJ, this past Thanksgiving is one he will never forget. While enjoying dinner at his father’s house in South Jersey, he received a phone call telling him their home was on fire.

Offers of support.

No one would blame Eric if this experience left him feeling negative, however his attitude remained positive and grateful. This is a result of all the support he received, including assistance from VtoV, our Employee Relief Fund. Eric only accepted what he needed from friends and family, because he believes there are many less fortunate than him. As a result, paying it forward is top of mind for Eric.

The VtoV award helped Eric’s family get back on their feet quickly, as all they had left were two cars and the clothes on their backs. The cause of the fire was never confirmed, and Eric is content with not knowing. He’s grateful that his homeowners insurance brought significant financial relief, and he’s in the process of building a new home while he and his family live in a rental home.

What remains the toughest for Eric is the loss of his dog Loki. Although grateful the fire didn’t claim the lives of both dogs, his heart remains heavy as he frequently visualizes his two dogs cuddling together.


Please help keep the VtoV Employee Relief Fund strong by donating today. Every dollar counts to ensure we’re ready to aid a V Teamer during their time of need. Verizon pays all administrative fees, so be assured that 100% of every donation goes directly to helping a fellow V Teamer forced with having to evacuate their home.

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