US Open Serves Tennis Channel Everywhere – and For the Two-Week Tournament, Only on FiOS TV

Will Andy Murray keep Novak Djokovic in his hip pocket at the U.S. Open?  Or will Rafael Nadal come roaring back?  And will Serena keep her competition neatly tucked away?

Who knows?  They can settle all of that when the yellow ball starts volleying back and forth across the hard courts in Flushing Meadows, N.Y.  But if you are a FiOS customer we know one thing for certain – you can keep all of the tennis greats with you in your pocket, or your jacket, or your bag…wherever you go…knowing that you are enjoying what we’ll call “US Open Tournament Everywhere” while others in FiOS markets cannot.


Tennis Channel is introducing the Tennis Channel Everywhere app today, the network’s first TV everywhere application, in conjunction with the first day of the two-week US Open in Flushing Meadows.  At no extra charge, Verizon FiOS TV will be able to access the network’s linear stream on a wide variety of additional platforms, including phone, tablet and computer.  However, in FiOS markets, only FiOS customers will have access to the US Open.

There are a number of new ways for our FiOS TV subscribers to enjoy Tennis Channel live on mobile and other devices other than their televisions.  Tennis Channel’s Tennis Channel Everywhere app – free to all Apple and Android users, regardless of whether they currently get Tennis Channel – will have a new authentication feature that allows the subscribers of participating distribution partners to access the network’s linear stream. This is currently limited to Verizon and National Cable Television Cooperative, Inc. with the expectation of rolling out additional participants in the coming months.  FiOS customers can log on through the My Verizon portal and with their user name a password, access the Tennis Channel as well as 66 other TV everywhere linear channels.

In addition to the My Verizon path, users can download the Tennis Channel Everywhere mobile app for App at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id651092377?mt=8 and Android at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tennischannel.tceverywhere.

Watching what you want, when you want has never been more important…or exciting.  Just one month ago, Verizon offered 53 channels in its TV everywhere stable.  Now it’s 67 and next month, who knows?  Borderless living is here and FiOS makes the lifestyle enjoyable.