Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband leveraged by Zyter for in-stadium tech

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BASKING RIDGE, N.J. - Verizon Business announced today they are working with Zyter®, a leading digital health and IoT-enablement platform, to help improve sports and entertainment venue operations while delivering a smarter, more immersive fan experience.

Zyter® ThermalAlert, an award-winning thermal imaging platform, can automatically monitor the temperatures of fans as they walk into a venue. Paired with the high bandwidth, low latency and massive computing power of Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and 5G Edge, the process can be streamlined for quicker entry, fewer choke points and less congestion compared to manual solutions utilizing in-person, handheld temperature scanners.

“Zyter’s tools built on Verizon’s 5G network and MEC technology can make the return to venues of all kinds smoother and more efficient — that includes stadiums, workspaces, schools, travel hubs, and anywhere people gather,” said Aamir Hussain, Verizon Business Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer. "It has been a pleasure working with Zyter to leverage the most transformative technology of our generation — 5G — in innovative ways that can improve people’s lives.”

“Verizon’s secure, reliable, low-latency 5G network means we can now deliver large-scale, latency-sensitive applications like ThermalAlert at the edge for the first time,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and CEO of Zyter, Inc. “This opens up many new possibilities for innovative, real-time experiences at sub-millisecond speeds.”

Zyter ThermalAlert® delivers continuous, non-contact temperature monitoring. Faster than manual one-to-one temperature scanning, Zyter ThermalAlert measures the body temperature (between 86 – 113 degrees Fahrenheit) of up to six people simultaneously within the temperature detection zone from a distance of up to 20 feet, which could help minimize long lines and wait times for venue access.The Zyter ThermalAlert solution sends smart alerts instantly to handheld devices and monitors at the entrance if an elevated temperature is detected. If one or more persons are identified by the system they can be quickly and respectfully informed and redirected by security personnel for a manual screening.

The two companies recently implemented Zyter ThermalAlert at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, one of Verizon's 25 5G Ultra Wideband stadiums, to screen employees and staff.

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