Verizon at ADCOLOR - A DEI Blueprint: Collaboration. Accountability. Action.

Partnerships grounded in collaboration, accountability and action have helped Verizon create solutions to impact DEI throughout the marketing industry.

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Diego Scotti, Verizon CMO, took the stage at the 2021 ADCOLOR Conference to discuss how partnerships grounded in collaboration, accountability and action have helped Verizon create solutions to impact DEI throughout the marketing industry.

At Verizon, DEI has been a topic of discussion for many years. While it’s clear that significant progress has been made, there is always more work to do, and more meaningful actions to take.

DEI issues are complex, multi-layered, deeply human, and constantly changing. For this reason - it's simply too much for any single organization or community to try to solve alone.

Collaboration is the most powerful catalyst for change. Collaboration with partners, with competitors, with great organizations, and with the entire marketing industry, is essential to progress.

Verizon has established a plan that puts collaboration at the center of DEI. The three pillars of collaboration – Shared Purpose, Accountability, and Action have consistently been the essential building blocks of our DEI effort. Check out the video for a holistic overview.

Shared purpose

Early on, Verizon knew that in order to deliver the best work, work that resonates with the diverse customer base, teams needed to reflect that diversity.

This couldn’t be done alone. Diego issued a call to action for agency partners to also make their teams more diverse. The response and commitment from agencies was incredible. Each of Verizon’s agencies have shown up strong, bringing forward ideas for ways to make sure this deeply important work succeeds.

Check out the video for more.


Collaboration must be done through accountability. Setting trackable goals that are consistently measured is crucial to this work. Verizon’s Responsible Marketing Action Plan is built on clear, measurable goals to drive progress and impact. Building a focused plan that brings priorities together to attack DEI in a holistic, comprehensive and consistent way, is critical to drive impact.

View the video for more.


To share what Verizon has learned with the industry at large, the Responsible Marketing Action Blueprint was born.

The Blueprint is a set of free online tools that packages together the learnings from Verizon’s work around DEI - including: resources to create more diverse teams, tools for those teams to eliminate bias, and measuring success. The goal of the blueprint is to help other marketers identify where they can make an impact and take measurable actions to get there.

View the video to learn more.

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