Verizon and Newlab unveil first results of 5G Studio

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The 5G Studio at Newlab enables select startups to leverage Verizon 5G to transform industries like healthcare, mobility, energy, industrial automation, and more

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BROOKLYN, NY - Verizon and Newlab today announced results from the first cohort of companies testing new applications of 5G technology through the organizations' 5G Studio. Earlier this year, Verizon and Newlab launched the 5G Studio to support the development of next-generation industry applications built on Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband network.

To facilitate the 5G Studio, Verizon deployed 5G Ultra Wideband and mobile edge compute (MEC) at Newlab’s headquarters in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Leveraging access to 5G capabilities and Newlab’s advanced prototyping resources and product realization support, companies from Newlab’s vast member community and beyond have been able to showcase their technologies to address challenges across industries.

“Verizon seeks to empower innovation using the transformational power of Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband and MEC technologies,” said Elise Neel, VP of New Business Incubation at Verizon. “We are proud to collaborate with Newlab through the 5G Studio to enable leaders at the frontier of the fourth industrial revolution to leverage the extraordinary capabilities of 5G and edge computing to help create the products and ecosystems of the future.”

“5G technology and edge computing are ushering in an unprecedented era of innovation, with profound implications for how we will live and work,” said Shaun Stewart, CEO of Newlab. “Earlier this year, we proudly established the 5G Studio with Verizon, a collaboration intended to harness the immense potential of 5G advancements by providing critical support to companies applying technology to transform industry and society. The results produced by this year’s incredible cohort of 5G Studio companies is a testament to the enormous breadth of these solutions, to the cohort companies’ visions, and to the efficacy of Newlab’s Innovation Studio model in empowering entrepreneurial innovation.”

The following are the 5G Studio’s first cohort of startups, along with a description of each company’s 5G application and test results:

  • Exyn Technologies

    - Company Description: Exyn Technologies is a leader in intelligent autonomy with ExynAI for robotic systems. First commercialized on unmanned aerial vehicles, the platform-agnostic, self-contained technology enables safe data acquisition for digitally starved industries and GPS-denied environments at the press of a button.

    - 5G Application: Exyn has leveraged 5G to provide near-real-time persistent data streams that weren't possible on 4G networks. 5G will unleash Exyn’s robotic autonomy and data collection in traditionally communications-challenged environments. 

  • Ghost Robotics

    - Company Description: Ghost Robotics is revolutionizing legged robotics and the market for highly-agile teleoperated and autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGV™) for military, homeland, public safety, and enterprise applications.

    - 5G Application: With 5G, Ghost Robotics has established robot-to-robot communication without external intervention to deploy fully autonomous robots while boosting Ghost Robotics’ performance, reliability, and efficiency.

  • Vecna Robotics

    - Company Description: Vecna is a provider of Autonomous Mobile Robots. Vecna’s platform, Pivotal™, integrates with warehouse management systems to maximize throughput, efficiency, and human-robot collaboration.

    - 5G Application: With 5G, Vecna has demonstrated a streamlined cloud-based architecture and deployed systems more rapidly, reliably teleoperated continuously and at scale using VR, and processed non-critical functions and machine learning in the cloud.

  • Phantom Auto

    - Company Description: Phantom Auto offers safety technology designed to remotely control and easily navigate autonomous vehicles through a long-range teleoperation platform.

    - 5G Application: By increasing total network bandwidth availability, reducing baseline network latency, and enhancing network security and control, 5G has helped Phantom Auto offer new features to address customers' network constraints as they scale their unmanned operations.

  • Ponto Care

    - Company Description: Ponto Care is a Medical Exam Delivery Service that enables exams and medical consultations anywhere by bringing the exam kit to the patient and broadcasting live to a doctor via AR.

    - 5G Application: Ponto Care has leveraged 5G to enable doctors to remotely supervise and guide complex exams in near-real-time and high definition, allowing them to deliver comprehensive and safe care to patients that don't have easy access to well-equipped exam rooms.

  • FOAM

    - Company Description: FOAM is a blockchain-based network for crowdsourced maps and decentralized location services, including secure location verification and localization for IoT devices and product tracking from supplier to customer.

5G Application: FOAM has authenticated locations of various objects on blockchain in near-real-time without sensors while addressing privacy concerns by utilizing 5G mobile edge compute to run an Ethereum client that connects to the blockchain.

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