Verizon Business launches turn-key private networking solution with Celona

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Verizon will integrate 5G LAN technology from Celona to its On Site 5G portfolio, using CBRS spectrum for enterprise deployments

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NEW YORK, N.Y. - Verizon Business today announced a new, cost competitive, turn-key private networking solution with Celona, that will accelerate the use of private 5G to support a new generation of business initiatives. The solution will benefit small, mid-market and enterprise businesses that are looking to quickly deploy a private network that is built on cloud-first architecture, utilizing plug-and-play ingredients, self-organizing wireless, and AI for app intelligence. The offer will also help businesses expedite bringing private 5G applications to market, streamlining costs and mitigating operational challenges. This solution simplifies the customer experience, and enables customers the ability to effectively scale their connectivity.

The strategic partnership will focus on leveraging the power of Verizon’s On Site LTE and 5G network with Celona’s critically acclaimed 5G LAN products. The joint offer will deliver an enterprise-friendly approach to private networks that is designed to meet growing demand for the reliable wireless performance, coverage and connectivity required by a new era of network-dependent business applications and IoT systems. In addition, the solution will also lower the cost barrier for developers, opening new pathways for them to test innovative and transformative applications.

“Today, every organization around the world faces its own unique set of digital transformation challenges, and for businesses to remain competitive, they require new, cutting-edge solutions designed specifically to meet their needs. The partnership we’ve announced today does exactly that. No one is better positioned to leverage the power of private networks than Verizon, and we can’t wait to see our partnership with Celona deliver powerful results for our customers,” said Tami Erwin, CEO, Verizon Business.

With traditional wireless technology solutions, organizations are often left with coverage gaps, fractured security, and inconsistent service quality that leads to costly downtime and lower productivity. Verizon and Celona are bringing together their respective best-in class products and services to address these issues. Together, Verizon and Celona will offer one solution with a common relationship, contract, support center, and implementation team.

Verizon’s On Site LTE and 5G solution provides customers a private and secure on-premises cellular wireless network on which to run critical business applications and operations. Verizon customers can now use a Celona LAN to deploy the private core on-premise, or on any private or public cloud.

“Celona and Verizon have a shared architectural approach and vision for the power that 5G technology has in transforming business operations,” said Rajeev Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of Celona. “We believe that 5G as a network software service, operating within common mobile edge compute environments, will give enterprises the agility they need to truly support their latest digital initiatives.”

The combination of Verizon’s On Site service with Celona’s LAN technology delivers on essential enterprise requirements for lower latency and deterministic cellular wireless connectivity – within an IT-friendly framework that easily integrates into existing enterprise IT and industrial IoT infrastructures.

The joint offering targets a wide variety of use cases and business outcomes, including factory automation, distance learning, real-time inventory management, supply chain automation and digitization of staff experiences in healthcare.

“Celona and Verizon are bringing together the right technology, expertise and architectural approach that, we believe, will help enterprises better plan, build, run and support private 5G networks,” said Patrick Filkins, Senior Research Analyst, IoT and Mobile Network Infrastructure at IDC.
The Verizon/Celona partnership delivers key enterprise benefits including:

  • Flexible deployment options, allowing cloud-native integration of 5G network services within private, edge, metro, and public cloud compute environments

  • Network and policy automation that eliminates deployment complexity at scale

  • Secure per-device/application network QoS enforcement with the unique Celona MicroSlicing™ technology tied to enterprise policies

  • Software-defined network management model that tracks key performance indicators on a per application and per device group basis

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