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LONDON, UK - Verizon Business and We Are Incandescent have today unveiled a new online platform to highlight the innovation, talent and future potential of the UK industry.

The UK Innovation Industries (UKII) Intelligence Report presents stories of pioneering companies and organisations from far and wide across UK industry sectors – from food security to space-based research, quantum computing to clean mobility, advanced manufacturing and creative production – and provides insight into the key areas of focus of visionary teams striving to find solutions to the biggest and most important challenges of our time.

Launching after seven months of research groundwork and outreach to leaders across the industry, and focusing on the cutting-edge application of science, technology, engineering and design, the UKII Intelligence Report spotlights 500 companies, across 30 categories, all sharing one mission: innovation for a better, brighter future.

“With innovation crucial to the future of the UK’s economic growth and industrial strategy, this platform has been created to enable greater visibility between industry sectors nationwide and to encourage knowledge-sharing, collaboration, investment, and the nurture of future UK workforce across emerging innovation sectors. As a global business, we understand the value of bringing innovative businesses together to collaborate and build prosperity,” said Tony Judd, Senior Director of Enterprise UKI, Verizon. At Verizon, we have a major focus on enabling cross-industry collaboration as it’s the most effective way to address some of the most complex business and societal challenges in the UK and globally. All the companies listed in the UKII have showcased true vision and are inspiring examples of what innovative companies can achieve. We hope this innovation index encourages curiosity, conversation and collaboration – and helps UK industry become the innovation powerhouse it has the potential to be.”

Lucy Johnston, founder of We Are Incandescent said “The UK is home to an incredible ecosystem of innovation and talent, across industry sectors; built on a rich heritage and focused on finding solutions to forge a better future for everyone. The new UKII mission is a first-of-its-kind platform – to encourage collaboration, investment and future workforce – and I am thrilled to be able to support the brilliance of the UK industry by launching this initiative with the generous support of Verizon Business. I look forward to building on this platform for a long time to come – this is just the beginning.”

The UKII Intelligence Report is a curated platform, compiled through wide-ranging independent research; recommendations, advice and input from industry leaders and experts; conversations and visits with 100s of companies nationwide; and through an open call for nominations from across the UK. The 500 featured companies and their wide variety of stories are presented with equal billing to provide a rich overview of the UK industry landscape, what is being achieved at the cutting edge of industry, and what the future holds.

The dynamic, visual online platform is not-for-profit and free to access. It provides a springboard to encourage greater support for the innovation ecosystem across the UK. Visit for more information and to access the platform.

About We Are Incandescent

We Are Incandescent Ltd is an independent task force championing UK industry innovation and talent for a better, brighter future. Built on two decades of wide-ranging research, curation and facilitation work across the science, technology, engineering and design sectors, our mission is to seek out opportunities to develop projects which spotlight stories of visionary, future-focused thinking and highlight the most important, exciting, vital and dynamic activity of UK companies focused on solving critical challenges and forging a better world for everyone. For more information visit

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