Verizon Connect enables Wolf Line Construction to better serve rural customers

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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. - Fleet-based companies understand the need to know the location of their vehicles, and how far away from a delivery or a job their people are, but before the advent of fleet management software, managers issued paper routes and called their drivers as they moved from location to location. Today, North Charleston, S.C.-based Wolf Line Construction uses Verizon Connect Reveal and Verizon Connect Integrated Video to easily locate crew members and to help promote the safety of their drivers, all from one screen in the back office or from a mobile device.

“With Verizon Connect Reveal we can accurately see where our crews are in near-real time, which helps us increase our management efficiency, especially in more rural areas. We have also decreased our fuel consumption, miles driven, and time spent in the field due to quickly and accurately locating our crews with Verizon Connect Reveal,” said Donte Allen, fleet manager at Wolf Line Construction, a company that specializes in the installation of fiber optic cable in primarily rural communities. “In addition, Verizon Connect Integrated Video has helped us address unsafe driving right away so that we help our drivers make safe choices, whether they’re out on busy highways or quiet country roads.”

“The Verizon Connect fleet management platform helps turn the lights on to what happens outside the four walls of a business and enables customers like Wolf Line to identify ways to promote driver safety, save money, and better serve their customers,” said Kevin Aries, head of global product success at Verizon Connect. “From managing vehicle maintenance and meeting compliance mandates, to driving more efficient routes and rewarding the best drivers, Verizon Connect delivers the information that helps customers improve their operations and their bottom line.”

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