Touchdown! Verizon customers use 9.7TB of data at kickoff game at SoFi Stadium

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NEW YORK - Verizon customers scored big at the Los Angeles Rams season kick off game at SoFi Stadium on Thursday, September 8. Verizon customers made up nearly half (43%) of fans in attendance, using 9.7 TB of data in and around the stadium, which is inclusive of 1.4 TB of 5G data, all on the network America relies on. The data used at the game is equivalent to a single person streaming high-definition video for almost half a year straight!1 And they did all of that at super fast speeds, experiencing peak download speeds of 3.1 Gbps.

The Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network now reaches more than 152 million people or nearly one out of every two Americans across the country. SoFi Stadium is one of the 25 professional football venues live with Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and among more than 80 other sports and entertainment venues across the country.

According to a recent Opensignal report, Verizon continues to lead in network experience at professional football stadiums, stating, “...users on Verizon’s network enjoyed the fastest 5G speeds, the best 5G and overall gaming, and top 5G and overall voice app experiences.”

Verizon worked with SoFi Stadium and surrounding Hollywood Park campus to benefit customers living in and traveling to the area well into the future, adding capacity, speed and coverage for residents, businesses and visitors. It is Verizon’s largest 5G stadium investment to date and was built with 5G Ultra Wideband at the core by partnering early in the design process.

1 On Super Bowl game day, Verizon fans used 30.4 TB of data in and around the stadium, the equivalent of a single user binge watching HD video for 533 straight days.

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