Verizon fans used record data at Super Bowl

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US Bank Stadium
Super Bowl 52 was another electrifying game that was decided in the final seconds. Verizon fans shared the championship game’s biggest moments, consuming a record amount of data on the nation’s most reliable network.   


Game day facts 

  • Verizon’s network was used by 57% of the attendees in the stadium at this year’s Super Bowl, up from 45% the previous year.
  • Verizon fans benefitted from the highest average download speeds at U.S. Bank Stadium according to third-party testing by P3 of all four national carriers during the game. 
  • On Super Bowl game day, Verizon fans used 18.8 TB of data in and around the stadium, the equivalent of a single user binge watching HD video for 435 straight days.
  • The data usage by Verizon fans was 70.9% more than the 11 TB used at Super Bowl 51 – the same as watching HD video for 256 days in a row. At Super Bowl 50, Verizon customers used 7 TB of data – roughly 1/3 of Sunday’s big game.
  • Top wireless uses by Verizon customers were led, in this order, by web browsing, streaming video and using social media and sports apps.  
  • The top three favorite social media apps of Verizon customers were Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, with Snapchat moving from third at last year’s Super Bowl to first most used.

The biggest spikes of wireless data usage occurred during:

  • The halftime show driven by social media video sharing. 
  • The next biggest usage spikes occurred when the Patriots fumbled the ball late in the fourth quarter, and;
  • At the game kickoff, with fans streaming video and web browsing.

Our Network team of 150 engineers, 3X the size of an NFL team roster, staffed Verizon’s network Command Center 24x7 to ensure a reliable network experience for fans, first responders and public safety teams. 

The game is over but not for us

  • Minneapolis/Saint Paul residents, businesses, visitors and first responders will still benefit for years to come from Verizon’s LTE Advanced technology and the permanent network upgrades that boosted wireless data capacity by more than 500%. That included adding more than 230 small cells throughout the area, and $612 million in network improvements statewide from 2015-2017.
  • Next up – Atlanta for Super Bowl 53, where Verizon network preparations are underway! 

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